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          General chat about my faith,some poetry i have written.Some thing of me and my life.

    Wed, Apr 30th - 7:10AM

    A sign we are coming close to the end.

    All over there seems to be more and more terrorist organizations setting up,these people are extremists, brainwashed, zombia like people with no heart, and no real feelings,they will destroy a country who ever they choose and are prepared to give up there lives for Allah who is there god, saying that they will go to paradise.

    How extreme this is,a new evil,something nobody my age as ever known before. Evil as always existed and always will but this is extreme,useing god, even believing you will go to paradise for killing others and yourself, rearing your children to teach and believe in this ruthless, heartless, madness.

    Is this not coming close to a very good time for our lord jesus christ to come back to earth and reveil himself to the world,i thing its a perfect time. I think this is a sure sign we are close to the end,nothing else reveils it more than this. Most every thing else as been fullfilled. "we are coming very close to the end." 

    Why else would god have reveiled so much to me,why else as god been bringing his people together in spirit?.

    Revelation 3.

    verse 3.

    Remember how thou as received and heard,hold fast,and repent. If therefore thou shall not watch. I will come like a thief, and you will not know what hour i will come upon thee.

    Comment (6)

    Tue, Apr 29th - 9:42AM

    Every thing we do in life becomes a habit that effects us long term. If we are not used to praying every day and we make the effort it becomes a habit,a good habit. First we have to pray for ourselves because if we are not on the right track we can not help anybody else.

     We know that when we speak of knowing jesus as a personal friend that some people think we are a bit on the edge, and some are people who you would expect to have a broader mind , there are some clergy  that will not accept that one can actually have the spirit and know jesus,to them jesus was just some thing to look up to and try to live by but not a living spirit a thing that really changed peoples lives. 

    Maybe because this thing only seems to have happened over the last thirty years where people have met with the spirit and they have changed from wild people to have a different out look on life, they have seen there is more than drugs, drink, sex,there is joy and peace to be had with jesus and it is better than any of those things.

     Some days we may feel we have lost him, the sun seems to have gone from our lives then a little some thing we see lifts us and we know he is with us.

    Revelation 1.

    verse 17.

    Fear not : i am the first and the last.

    verse 18.

    I am he that liveth and was dead and behold i am alive for evermore and have the keys of hell and of death.

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    Mon, Apr 28th - 9:25AM


    itonlytakesfaithpic3ru.jpg It Only Takes Faith image by gaylatonette

     Yes it only takes faith but it is not some thing every one has, we should be so grateful for such a blessing from god. thank you lord.

    To everything there is a season and a time for every thing under the sun. Ecclesiastics 3:1

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    Mon, Apr 28th - 4:09AM


    I was baptized full emersion on confession of faith 17,September,1978. I did bible study and graduated on August,20,1980. I went on to teach children in sunday school until 1982 when an unexpected move due to devorce forced me to leave my teaching behind of which i never picked up the thread again,sadly. During 1980 i visited the holy land which was a wonderful experience.

    Now i have made my final commitment to god, if we do not make a commitment to god we are like the sower jesus spoke of,we hear the words, even believe them but we do nothing, like seed falling on stony ground. But when we make that commitment we must not take it lightly for god will remind us in no uncertain way.

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    Sat, Apr 26th - 7:58AM

    Christian or not.

    I think those of us who belong to god always have belonged to god but we do not know it probably for many years. I do not think i was the average sunday school pupil, i had no choice but to go to sunday school,i walked about four miles on sunday mornings very reluctantly to church, i would rather have played out in the road with the other kids who did not have to go.

    I was an adopted child and my step mother had agreed to send me to church and she did not care which one as long as i went, and the one i chose was a baptist church, but i seemed to always have contact with a minister from one church or another all my life and have visited many christian churches with always thinking that denomination was not important,you eaither are a christian or you are not.

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    Sat, Apr 26th - 7:38AM

    Praise the lord.

    I thank god for taking me under his wing when all was lost and i had given up,it was only then that he became real in my life, i went to Church was involved in Church activitys when i was young. But i was still a lost soul,there was much tragedy in my life i could no way over come,and there was nowhere to go,no hope,things did not change but when god reveiled himself to me i did, i changed, i was able to fight,i was stronger.

    God wanted me to tell the world and my reply was "Who me!, who will listen to me." the very words moses spoke i spoke,"I am not a good speaker lord". Gods words were strange he told me to wait,wait for what i asked,time went on and i was like a volcano longing to tell the world about my meeting with god but nothing happened and there seemed no opening for me. This volcano had so little confidence in herself even though she had tons of faith.

     Then i was drawn to buy a computor,what did i know about computors i had not even seen one working let alone know how to use it. I walked into a shop bought one and walked out, i tapped into it and some how found my way around it, then onto the net i went where i found this site.

    Then i found  some thing else, "The first international internet evangelical church", in georgia,it asked one big question, did i want to be ordained, and my answer was yes no doubt in my mind i did,i wanted to make it official that i was willing to do all i can for god and if i was being asked this question on the net then god had led me there. I feel good,better than i have felt in a very long time,whatever happens i know i have done the right thing and god as a plan for me. Praise the lord.

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    Fri, Apr 25th - 8:57AM

    It is just a feeling but i feel that love shines out of Christianunite programs like nowhere else on the net. I love the ministrys to be found, the pictures, the interesting people.

    There are people out there ready to take advantage of those of us who are givers of the world and it is good if we find some one who appreciates us.  There are givers and takers and i am a giver, some times too generous for my own good,i have a lot of love in my heart, and the ability to forgive others.  To love is some thing so many do not have the ability to do.

    When some one says you need to be shown love first,no you do not, love is possible wether you have been shown love or not, love is a gift from god,a tender heart and the ability to feel for others and love them for the way they are, what ever that is, comes from god. 

     It is strange to some people, and people like me are strange to some,soft they call it,we light up at the beauty of a flower and a sunset,a blue sky,whatever beauty nature brings, and others take it all for granted. Think i am glad i am soft. 

    John 4.

    verse 7,

    There cometh a woman to draw water,Jesus saith unto her: give me to drink.

    the woman deniged jesus.

    verse 13.

    whosoever drinketh from this water will thirst again.

    verse 14.

    whosoever drinketh of the water i give him will never thirst again it will be a spring of everlasting life.Amen


    Comment (5)

    Wed, Apr 23rd - 6:34AM

    Spring in my garden.

    It is silly i know but i feel kind of blessed that outside my window is a little wren making her nest in a little ceramic house i bought years ago,it was very pretty with roses painted on, like a dream cottage,the colours have faded,but she does not care she as made it her home.

    Her mate is shouting his song from the honeysuckle on the archway almost deafning and flitting in and out of my hanging baskets i created early in the spring from digging up primroses from the garden that have gone on to give a wonderful early display that i can see whatever the weather.

     I am trying to film the little wren and her antics but trust me i have a complicated camara, she is very tiny and very busy,one shot i tried to get she was trying hard to get a huge brown leaf into the nest, it made me smile.

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    Sun, Apr 20th - 8:32AM

    Remarkable people.

    We here of some remakable people who achive remarkable things and they say they do not have a religion. I think any one who brings people together in this world has to believe in some thing and to say they believe in themselves is good but i am afraid there has to be more even if they do not think there is.

      We do not exist without an inner some thing and i think people like this are just deniging the god within themselves. Some times grief as well as wrong doing can keep god from us,we can believe that we do not need anyone we have made it on our own because we are angry and hurt inside and to denige god is to punish him.

      I think now of a remarkable woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time when in London  a bomb went of and she lost both her legs. She as done some good works bringing culturers together she does not believe in anything,but i think she does deep down, and hurt keeps her from god, but she will come to know god and love him.

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    Fri, Apr 18th - 8:01AM

    He leads me.poem

    purple-flowers.jpg flowers image by Emmasln88

    I walk among the flowers.

    I walk among the trees.

    My heart is in a meadow.

    My spirit in the breeze.

    Pure is the river that runs to the sea.

    High is the mountain path to he who leads me.

    by jg.

    Comment (2)

    Fri, Apr 18th - 6:42AM

    Missing out.

    bravestrongfaithlove.gif Christian faith religious image by lgibbo

    How much of our time do we waste with useless things. How often do we worry about things that do not really matter. The world as gone away from god and so much is superficial about life today,how we look matters to extremes to some people. 0nce being a mum was enough for any woman it was acceptable to be plump and rounded and loved by her children for being that,now she must be glamorous and sexy too,but does she have the same respect as a mother as she once had i wonder, is she missing some thing. People want more and expect more from life now but if we have too much can we really appreciate it,does it have the same value,some how i do not think so. 

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    Wed, Apr 16th - 11:50AM

    Be baptized.

    Acts 2.

    verse 38.

    Then peter said repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of  jesus christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the holy spirit.

    Acts 3.

    verse 19.

    Repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out,when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the lord.

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    Wed, Apr 16th - 6:44AM

    Forgive them they know not what they do.poem

    Forgive them they know not what they do.

    So much harm they do to others lives,do

    they care,do they realize.

    Forgive them they know not what they do.

    Sadness loss and pain,does it matter,what do they gain.

    Forgive them they know not what they do.

    They laugh,they scorn,they cause so much trouble,do they

    care,do they realize.

    Forgive them they know not what they do.

    by jg.

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    Tue, Apr 15th - 9:15AM

    Think beautiful things.

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    Tue, Apr 15th - 9:00AM


    To know our lord jesus we must become as a child,almost like an empty vessel so that he can enter,this is not easy for some to understand and impossible for some to do,when we have repented of our sins things as simple as loseing patiance with some one,saying some thing we regret, or being selfish, is enough of a sin to keep him from us.

       But if we can set aside these things god can come in,and how good that feels when he does. When i go to bed each night now at the end of the day i now say lord forgive me for being mean and selfish about whatever as happened in the day, forgive me for hating what some one as done,if some one appears to have some thing against me i ask him to show me what i have done wrong and how i can perhaps put it right,but we must face that it takes two and some times we must accept the other person is not like us and holds onto grudges so we must pray for them and get on with our lives. 

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    Tue, Apr 15th - 8:16AM

    Born in the spirit.

    More of John Ch.3.

    verse 7.

    Marvel not that i said unto thee you must be born again.

    verse 8.

    The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the wind and can not tell where it came from or where it goes so is every one born of the spirit.

    verse 14.

    And as moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness so must the son of man be lifted.

    Baptism is spoken of in Matthew,Mark,Romans,Acts,Eph-.also.

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    Mon, Apr 14th - 7:10AM

    Let us pray.

    Lord i pray for the sad the lonly the weak.

    I pray for the hungry and thirsty and helpless.

    Lord i pray for the dyeing and the grieving.

    I pray for those persecuted for there faith.

    Lord i pray for the unloved and unwanted.

    God bless man and beast and the world you

     lord created.



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    Mon, Apr 14th - 6:56AM

    I feel so much better to have opened up and admitted to the world that i have met my lord,he has spoken to me, it does not matter what any one thinks anymore what is important is that i did what  god wanted and let the world know, it is not a hidden secret, as though it is some thing to be ashamed of anymore,  i have layed down what was a burdon and now i am free.

    Many i know will not believe me, others will not want to believe me,i will be a nutter to some,suffering from all kinds of mental disorders. Whatever, any one thinking that way belongs to this world.

     There are people who believe in god in there own way,they go to church, there life circles around the church, they are good kind people but they shun the idea that anyone can have had any kind of god like experience,and they shun the words that say,"you must be born again and baptized into a new life to receive the spirit"

    John 3.

    verse 3.

    Verily i say unto thee,except a man be born again he can not enter the kingdom of heaven.

    verse 5.

    except a man be born of water and of the spirit he can not enter the kingdom of heaven.

    verse 6.

    ....that that is born of the flesh is flesh, that born of the spirit is spirit. 

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    Sun, Apr 13th - 8:34AM

    I can truly say that i have seen some thing of what is to come,god as blessed me behond belief and i am not afraid any more to tell the world.

      When i first started this blog i was a little afraid but i know god is with me and i am not afraid anymore to speak out.

       I have seen some thing of the end, and no one will scorn those of us who truly believe anymore, they will run in fear when the day of judgement comes, and it will. I have seen all of those who are proud,who scorn us, running in fear.

     I have also seen paradise, i have seen him sat upon his throne just a vision of light among much joy that nothing on this earth can equel. I have felt his presence, and heard his voice, a voice that echos like thunder,like nothing on earth.

     Laugh if you will,scorn me if you will,it is true. You need to know some one today, not of old, but today that can say god is real. 

     Maybe god spoke to me because i am just a simple soul, like Saint Bernadette not educated as such like many of her day, she was scorned no one believed her when she told them she had met a lady in white,dear Bernadette she suffered and was lifted by her experience,she was blessed in a way they would like to have been blessed.

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    Sun, Apr 13th - 8:00AM

    When ever i stand at the river each morning when i walk my little dog i always think of a passage in the bible .......

    Revelation 22.

    verse 1.

    And he shewed me a pure river of water of life,clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of god and the lamb.

         As a child i looked upon water as a mirical thing and i believed that if i drank it it would make me well, if i was ill.

        I suppose i was a strange child,i never concerned myself about the birds and the bees so to speak, much deeper thoughts entered my head.

      For any one to say that when we die it is the end is foolish. Why would any one build such a complicated thing as man to disregard it after its lived its life its own way. We are too complicated to be an accident,we are infact a mirical each one of us. We are not an accident in the eyes of god,our purpose was to look to god and share our life with his son whos spirit lives on, it is the only real way.

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    Sun, Apr 13th - 7:36AM

    Silly woman.

    I never thought that i would ever feel sorry for 0prah Winfrey,rich and famous,but right now i do feel very sorry for her. With her fame she is telling the world there are other ways to live and christ is not the only way. She is just telling the heathens of the world that its 0k to trollop around,do your own thing,do as you please with your life and everybodys elses,walk all over everybody else to get what you want. SHE IS TELLING THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR,and she is making a fool of herself in the process.

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    Sat, Apr 12th - 9:24AM



    I love Israel and i sympathise with the never ending battle the people have been through fighting for there home land. It started in  old testement times and as continued,my heart belongs in that place where my walk with jesus stayed alive. Every time i hear war as started again there i feel tearful and sad. Does it go too far back to ever end? Can it ever be solved without the intervention of god i do not think so.


    Comment (4)

    Sat, Apr 12th - 6:43AM


      I had a dream i was safe within some kind of vessel i watched as people screamed,trampled one another like a stampede of wild animals,it was horrendous. Some of the people lay on the ground as though dead, trampled to death.

      It was so much more than a dream,i was safe and so were others with me but i do not know who they were i can only believe they were other christians and my family.

     There was a roaring from the sky like i never heard before,the earth was shaking.  I was safe but still afraid of the power i felt, i was watching the people who were terrified wanting nothing else but to escape from whatever was approaching. Every man woman and child on earth was running in fear but for a few like me.

     Words can not describe the horror of it all and the fear the people experienced. I believe this came from god and i believe it is a warning of what is to come. I wish it was not to happen but it will, believe me.

    Comment (1)

    Fri, Apr 11th - 11:33AM

      Timothy 3.


    In the last days men shall be lovers of themselves covetous,boasters,proud,blasphemes,disobedient,unthankful,unholy,false accusers,fierce,despisers of those that are good.

    verse 12.

    Yeh all that live godly like christ jesus shall suffer persecution.

    verse 13.

     The evil will wax worse.

    If we have not been touched by the evil of this world we are extremelly lucky i can say i have personally seen change take place and have suffered strange happenings of hatred towards me i do not understand, from people who neaither know me or have reason to hate me. There is much i have seen of the end approaching. 

    Comment (0)

    Fri, Apr 11th - 7:47AM

    When we think that we can not hurt christ we are wrong. I think many of us hurt him with out realizing it,how often do we take him for granted. A woman i remember that did not even believe in god when her child fell in a pool and drowned she said i called to god to save him but he does not exist. Would you knock on some ones door for help when you never aknowledged them before, of course not, so why do some people think that god should answer only when it suits them.

     We have to work at our christian faith to keep it alive just as we have to work at friendships,it takes our part as well as christs to make things work. I was a doubter like Thomas, god must have got quite angry with me,no one questioned my experiences more than me,when god spoke to me i knew people would think exactly what i might have thought had any one told me the same thing,she imagined it,she is crazy,no i did not imagin it and i am not crazy. God filled me with power and spirit making me know that as stubborn as i am he had plans for me.

     Long after i left sunday school  i met one of my sunday school teachers and we made our way home together,she asked me in and she told me about seeing jesus in the corner of the room, i had to walk the rest of the way home and i asked myself was she crazy,no was the answer she was a very intellegent woman,a level headed woman who had been visited by the spirit.

    Matthew 24.

    verse 14,

    And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come.

    verse 21

    For then shall be great tribulations such as not been seen since the beggining of the world nor ever shall be.


                                               ibulation such as never been seen since the world began.

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    Fri, Apr 11th - 6:33AM

    havefaith.gif faith image by mrsmonday2004

    0ne of my biggest problems is allowing god into my life enough to lead me in all that i do. A strong will of mine fights for independance to say no, no one will tell me what i should do.

    Having had a very stricked upbringing i felt freedom was so important,for years some one else decided how hungry i was,how thirsty  i was, allowed no freedom in my childhood or my marriad life, i had been a prisoner. And so i fought the lord to set me free even asking him to stay back from me when i was so full of the spirit i could have shouted to the world.

     And he did stay back,then he taught me a lesson, others set back from me and when i asked him why this was happening he told me in his way that i now knew how he felt. 

     When jesus said to lay our burdon down it sounded easy but letting go was not so easy, part of the devils work is to make us hold onto our grief,and anger, and every thing else that bogs us down,but when we finally allowe it all to go with the help of Christ jesus how good it feels.Amen

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    Thu, Apr 10th - 12:21PM

    New life.

                                                                   New Life.

                                            It is spring and through the dry barran soil

                                            rises tiny blades of grass.

                                            Through the tarmac on the drive crocuses

                                             push there pretty heads.

                                             A dead looking tree shows signs of new life

                                             with unfolding green leaves and tiny flower heads.

                                            The early spring rose that took a battering in the cold

                                             wind fades giving room to a new beautiful bud.

                                            How can we not believe in the resurection and the

                                             life when here is is for all to see. Praize the lord.

                                             by jg.

    Comment (4)

    Wed, Apr 9th - 9:21AM

    An image.

     This is my first real effort on this new computor to transfer a picture, it is quite different, you know the old saying teaching an old dog new tricks lol.

     I had got things set up nicely, now i am starting again. I taught myself and got used to things and it all took time then i lost it all. Any way there we are sucess,think!.

    Comment (7)

    Wed, Apr 9th - 6:57AM

    I have been otherwise occupied so that i have not had time to write my poems recently. I think of some good ones usually when i am lieing in bed and by morning i have forgotten them but here are one or two short ones i wrote awhile ago.

     I make things so that all can understand because i think some people fail to enjoy poetry because they do not understand it, therefore they are missing out.

                                                                                     Holy spirit.

                                                                      A heavenly scent fell around me.

                                                                      A world of love was in the air.

                                                                      A joy descended from up above

                                                                       peace was every where.

                                                                       by jg.

    People do not seem to have time to stop and think these days so i wrote this.

                                                                                    No time.

                                                                            No time to ponder.

                                                                            No time to stare.

                                                                            The more you rush around

                                                                            the less time you have to care.

                                                                                by jg.

    Comment (0)

    Tue, Apr 8th - 8:41AM

    The revelation.

    God said that the good news would reach the world before the time of the end and it near enough as done, there is few places in the world,or corners of the earth that have not heard of jesus Christ. now. Tremendous changes have taken place, amazing things have happened. Many jewish people have become christians,and many in parts of the world where christianity is not accepted they fight to live in peace as christians among a strong Islamic influence,where there lives are at risk.

       More and more people are being blessed with the holy spirit and can say i know jesus lives. Much of the things revelation describes as already happened,things happening in diverse places, they have happened,evil that the older generation such as i had never heard of before,as happened.

     Some may have grown to accept every day murder for example but it was never a thing in my day, murder was very rare and shock and horror went with it,  it as only grown to become just another murder over the years.

     Many want religion taken out of schools and personally i think that will bring more disaster, in my day those who were not remotely religious were still influenced by good and bad and new where to draw the line, without religion there is no line to draw, anything becomes acceptable. Some blame religion for wars but it is not religion it is the diversion between religions that causes war,people claiming there religion is the right one,there is only one jesus christ you eaither know him or you do not.The revelation.

    Comment (0)

    Tue, Apr 8th - 7:59AM

    Holy spirit.

    My adopted parants were both in hospital my father with stomach cancer and lung disease and my mother with a major stroke,my mother had been looking after my father when she collapsed. Both of them were in hospital at the same time in seperate wards. I lived about thirty miles away marriad to a violent man and i had two tiny tots to look after,no friends and no family. I travelled every day to see mum and dad when my children were in school and playschool.

       The morning my dad died i had a phone call about five thirty in the morning to tell me he had past away in his sleep. That day i felt very lonly and i sat there feeling empty. Every where was particularly silent there seemed no movement in the trees nothing,i heard a tap on the back door and took no notice because the outerdoor was locked no one could get in, but it came again, i thought i had imagined it, but it came again, and this time i got up zombia like and opened the door and closed it again,but there was somebody there not in body but in spirit, to a point that i could work out the height, which was tall.

      The presence gave me enormous peace, i think i must have glowed, the experience was some thing undescribably beautiful as was always when touched by the holy spirit, it had come to me when i needed it most to let me know i was not alone, to comfort me, thanks be to god. 

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    Mon, Apr 7th - 11:10AM

    At home.

      I came across christianunite by accident, some time ago, i was blogging and a friend had a link to it from his site, until then i had never heard of it. I was so excitted at what i found i think i crashed my computor filling it full of the lovely sites and pictures i stored up.

     Christianunite gave me every thing i had been looking for, if any thing i think it is the most exciting place on the web and its about my lord Jesus christ, and others like me. There is such a lot of places to visit, i love it. I already feel at home here in my blogsite and i hope to meet more people and see more wonderful blogsites. Even add perhaps some pictures and more of my poems here and tell you more of my experiences.


    Comment (2)

    Mon, Apr 7th - 6:45AM

    A place for me.

     As we stood to sing a hymn in church i was looking around asking myself what i was doing there when the thundering voice spoke to me. After this i was elated but restrained about telling anyone knowing what they would say,probably say i was a nutter.

     Soon after that i realized god wanted me to go out there and tell others what i knew. my bible opened  where Moses had said the very same thing i had said when asked by god to go to the egyptian king,"I am slow of speaking,no one would listen to me Lord". And i still felt encouraged in my feelings of helplessness to tell the world,"yes there is a god.".

     I was full of the spirit and felt ready to take on the world but please not to tell the people, they really will not believe me went my prayers. I felt god was a little annoyed i was a doubter, when in church some one said jesus said there are many mansions and he would prepare a place for them and they were confident he would prepare a place for them, i was not.

    why would god want me i asked, and that night i had the most wonderful dream lots of smilling faces were beckoning me,black, yellow, white,as i got closer there was a magnificent figure with open arms it was all golden shiny so that i could barely look at it, it was so bright, come! said a thundering voice. This had answered my question, yes Jesus had made a place in heaven for me. 

    Comment (2)

    Sun, Apr 6th - 8:17AM

    Voice like thunder.

      I have been writing blogs for a while and it as helped me to get to know myself better,who i am,what i like etc. Some how knowing that some one out there might read what i write helps me to write.

      The day god spoke to me i knew my life was going to change and for a long time it was not for the better i was heading for devorce from a violent man, and he, god was my only friend., had it not been for him i would not have carried on my life,what for,it was going to be a struggle in a new town with no friends or family. Just another struggle.

      I had not been allowed friends and had felt like a prisoner in my own home for years. I was now to support two children myself as i wanted nothing from this man. I was desperate,depressed and lonly but i was not going to be a victim. I found some where to live and i worked when my children were at school.

      The only thing that saw me through some tough times was knowing god was there. When he had spoken to me i felt different it was as though my face changed, and all my troubles left me, i had heard a voice like thunder tell me i was not the coward i thought i was with the dreaded thoughts i had. I was happy and wanted to tell the world but i knew nobody would believe me,i saved it some time then told a christian woman who scoffed at me saying it was because i was disturbed but i know it was not,i have been disturbed before but have never heard a voice before least of all one like this. And i had never felt like this before, my life had been saved.

      I knew god wanted me to tell others and i felt guilty about staying quiet then the internet gave me the chance to tell people,i was drawn to it as though it was what god wanted.


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    Sat, Apr 5th - 8:36AM

    The spirit.

    There are many people lost in this world and suicidal they feel unwanted and unloved they feel nobody cares,some are young and others elderly, i like to think there might be a chance of reaching them with the hope of Jesus Christ entering there lives and changing the way they see things as he did with me.

      I went to Sunday school every sunday from the time i was five years old not because i wanted to but because i had to. At fifteen i left the church and went my own way only to find a lot of disapointment,i met an old friend and went back to church where i was confirmed and much later baptised again only this time as a testement to my faith in jesus christ.

      I have been truly touched by the holy spirit and i know god wants me to tell the world what i know to be true. It sounds so arrogant but it is true to say that i know there is a god ,what happened to me changed me and my whole life.

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    Sat, Apr 5th - 6:47AM


    Here is a little peom i wrote a while ago. Jesus. I met a man called jesus when in deep dispair. The man called jesus lifted me so high i did not have a care. by JG. I have written many poems over the years usually about nature,wild life,earth, trees,the natural world, or about my faith,this one it is short and simple, easy to remember. There are so many i have forgotten, they come to me, some i remember and write, others get forgotten.

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    Sat, Apr 5th - 6:19AM

    I like to write some of the passages from the bible to remind me of what jesus said to us. I studied the bible for two years but it was a long time ago and we need reminding of Christs words every day of our life. Some one said to me when i was baptized full emersion, "now there is no going back". he was right,but i do not want to go back, when i gave my testement to god i meant every word. The holy spirit reveiled itself to me years ago and is still with me. Luke 12. verse 8. Whosoever confess me before men shall the son of man confess before the angels of god. verse 15. A mans life consiteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

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    Fri, Apr 4th - 12:43PM

    Introducing myself.

    hi! I am not new to blogging but my blogs are usually general so that i can write about the events of the day as well as giving out some bible reading,suppose i still can write some thing of the events of the day. I crashed my old computor storing such a lot on it from Christian sites and i lost every thing so i am starting-a new, new every thing, but i found christianunite again hurrah! i visited often on my other computor. I am still setting up new sites learning to use some thing different so bare with me.

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