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    The Tattoo Sanctuary
          A blog about all things spiritual...with a lot less religion and a whole lot more Jesus. It's time for the church to get off it's collective butt and get back to the things of God. Things like grace , mercy, peace, compassion, love and most of all reaching out to people with the Good News of Christ.

    Mon, Aug 18th - 10:35PM

    Standing In The Need Of Prayer...

    Just received a classic book from on of my parishoners today, "The Power Of Prayer" by E.M. Bounds.  Just started reading it and MAN, WHAT A BOOK!!!!!!

    This book is not going to be an easy read by any stretch of the imagination.  Just in the first few pages was enough stuff to have me soooo convicted about my feeble prayer life.  I had to put it down and ask the Lord for a whole lot of strength.  Strength to be able to lead HIS people, strength to be the husband and father that he has called me to be, strength to be an acceptable witness in the community and to my neighbors, and strength to be a positive employee in the new job endeavor that I start tomorrow morning.

    Why is it soooo difficult to have a strong and regular time of prayer each day?  Why do I allow the things of this world to crowd so much of my time that it seems like prayer is always put on the back burner?  I know that prayer should be one of the top priorities in my life, that it should take place all day, that I should carve out some very specific time for it, yet it seems like I don't.

    I know that prayer is like having a conversation with my best friend, that this conversation is and shold be a two-way street.  Me talking to HIM and then giving the Lord time, space and opportunity to speak to my spirit.  I know this, yet it seems like I do way toooo much hit and run praying.  How does this help my spiritual life.  How does this help me be the pastor, husband, father, community member and most of all the child of God that I am supposed to be.  I'm not really sure.

    So hang around folks, check back often....who knows maybe things will work out better and I won't be Standing In The Need Of Prayer so much the next time.

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    Sun, Aug 17th - 10:48PM

    Here I Go Again

    I don't know why I put that down s the title.  I guess it was the first thing that popped into my head, so there you go.

    I also haven't had anything major happen lately either.  About the only thing interesting is that I was able to find another job (outside the church), even in the rotten economy we have here in the "great" state of Michigan.  The job isn't anything spectacular but now becasue of it I am an artist.  Well a sandwich artist anyway.  My new job is at a local Subway.  Why did I go get a job outside the church you ask?  Well, this is a way for me to help the church have more monetary resources for reaching people.  I guess it's my way of being a tent-maker.  With the cost of everything going sky high, it has been a bit of a struggle for the church to pay for the utilities and such, so I did inot want the ministry of our church to be compromised.  Plus it's agreat way for me to people watch and get some excellent sermon illustrations.

    Some people may not understand this, they may feel like the church should "take care" of their pastor.  Who said that they weren't?????  The apostle Paul talk about he did not want to be a burden to any of his churches, so if he needed to make tents he would.  The same should and does go fo me.  When I cam to theis church I said that money would not be th determining factor, if that was true at the beginning of my ministry here, then that should continue all the way through my ministry.  Right????

    So, I guess, here I go again.....ranting in my blog!  Oh well there I go again!

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    Wed, Aug 13th - 10:56PM

    Family Matters...........

    No, I'm not talking about Steve Urkel either!

    In the last 24 hours I have seen the greatest miracle of all happen.  Our church has grown numerically by one.  That one, is little Shelby Louise.  She is the daughter of proud parents Flint & Karah.  Talk about beaming faces.  I'm not sure who was prouder, Momma & Daddy or Gramma.  Little Shelby was born last night at 8:15 PM via C-Section.  She weighed in at 3 lbs and 14 ounces.  She was approximately 5-6 weeks pre-mature and was a breach birth, hence the reason for the C-Section.  Shelby is still in the NICU at a local hospital, but the doctors say she is doing fine, they just want her to stay in the hospital until she reaches a little over 5 lbs.  So please keep her in your prayers.  Momma and Daddy too as they deal with the fact that their little girl isn't coming home with momma when she is discharged from the hospital

    The miracle of birth always amazes me.  To see this little girl and to see that even though she is sooooo tiny, everything is working properly.  WOW!!!! God has done it again.  It makes me think back so long ago (21 years for my oldest and 18 for the youngest) when mine were so little, what a great responsibility I felt and how my definition of love changed in an instant.  Even though my wife and i had been married for a while, the moment I held my daughters I knew that I would do whatever needed to be done to love, protect and defend them.  (Even to the point of giving my own life.)  I know that is how new daddy Flint feels as well.

    You know what amazes me even more, is that our God completely understands how we feel.  He feels the exact same thing each and every time some one comes into a personal relationship with Him.  God has done everything he could to love, protect and defend us (even to the point of giving his own son's life in our place)  That is the true miracle. 

    And that is why family (both my nuclear and my spiritual one) matter.....

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    Sun, Aug 10th - 5:47PM

    Did You Have A Magic Week?

    Wait a minute now...A Pastor asking about magic, what kind of rinky-dink- mickey mouse operation is this?  Come on Pastor, as christians we aren't supposed to believe in magic.  Magic is a special evil power that comes from Satan, it is the twin brother of witchcraft.  Well, yeah black magic is, but not the use of illusion and slight of hand.....Anyway that's not what I am talking about.

    The town I live in bills themselves as the "Magic Capital of the World".  Not bad for a town of just a couple thousand or so. They say this because this town is the home of Abbot's Magic Shop and the Fab Magic Shop. Not only that but the graves of Harry Blackstone and his family are in the local cemetary.  The local school calls themselves the "Magi" and their mascot is a bunny in a tophat and their slogan is "Fear the bunny!". So what, you say.  Well I'm just trying to give you a little background.  You see every year we have "Magic Week" and magicians from around the country and the world convene here for a few days.  You see some very cool things, like the couple (Hi Mike and Glenda) who park their trailer behind our church as they stay for the week.  When you see them walking their bunny around town, that is not something you see everyday, especially in a big town.

    The couple I mentioned earlier, Mike and Glenda Mann, are "magicians" and illusionists and very dear friends in the Lord.  Every year they call and ask if they can park their trailer here at the church and since we have been here, I cannot imagine having "Magic week" without having them in our backyard.

    Today as we (my wife and I) sat with Mike & Glenda in the M&M Cafe (The  world famous M&M Cafe I might add) we got to talking about the idea of christians and magic.  Why do we get so uptight about this kind of stuff?  Mike and Glenda have no special powers...they're not like spiderman or something.  They're just a couple or regular joe's who like things like ventiloquism, illusions and things like that.  They don't conjure things or using witchcraft to bewitch people, they just use tricks and illusions to entertain and minister to people. And for that I am sooooooooo thankful.

    To me, my relationship with Christ is so magical.  I ooohhh and awww all the time about the things that Jesus has done for me and my family.  I am filled with wonder and joy that Jesus is not only interested in, but extremely active in my life.  Jesus doesn't use tricks or illusions, he just uses the life changing power of his Holy Spirit.  I am so thankful for what He has done and will continue to do.  I am also so thankful for the wonderful people He brings into our lives, people like Mike & Glenda.

    So have a magical week this week.  Be filled with the awe of God.  Marvel in the things he is doing.  Rejoice in what he has done in your life.  Walk around this week, ooohhhing and aaaawwwwwing about our God.

    Oh and by the way, Mike and Glenda, don't disappear anytime soon....OK?!?!?!

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    Tue, Aug 5th - 7:32PM

    Lost In The Library

    Just went to our local library...Have lived in this town for almost four years and have never gotten a library card.  Decided that I needed to get one so that I could check out books to read rather than buying them. (need to try and save money anyway I can) I mean when it costs almost $100 to fill up the van with gas, and it seems that the price of everything else has gone up, like WOW!!

    So, anyway...I went to the library, got my library card and was told by the librarian that I was on a "probationary period".  I could only check out one book this time, I had two weeks to read it and I could bring it back anytime.  Once I brought this book back, I could check out up to six more books and keep them for two weeks.  Once I brought the first book back I was off "probation"  WHAT?!??!  As soon as I bring the first book back, I'm off probation???  What the heck kind of probation is that?  So that was the first thing that got me thinking.

    I then proceeded to go through the place looking for my "Probationary period" book.  I want to try and find something from a male perspective on living life and loving our families. (Something I could use for a men's group we want to start at the church) They had a few but all from a secular humanistic point of view, so those were definitely out.  When I asked about their "Religious" section I was directed to a section that had about a shelf and a hlaf and most of that was dedicated to New Age stuff.  So I asked again and was directed to the two and a half shelf section of christian fiction books.  (Not exactly what I was looking for)  This was the second thing that got me thinking.

    I'm so glad the Christ never put me on a "probationary period"!!!!  That I could only get a small piece of him when I was saved.  I mean the day I was saved, I got everything Jesus had to offer.  It wasn't provided to me piece-meal, what He had I got.  Right Then Right There. Some of the things i may not have understod until I matured in my faith, but it was there from the very beginning.

    Secondly, I am so glad that my God is not contained on some small shelf in a library. God is not lost in the library. God is so much bigger than that.  His power is limitless, His mercy beyond comprehension, His love beyond comparison, His grace beyond thought or reason. And no matter how much mn try and remove him from our society, he can never be removed from our hearts.  All of us have a large piece of us missing and that missing piece can only be filled by the Spirit of God.  May you experience the power, mercy, love and grace that is way beyond measure this week. Forget about the library.

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    Sun, Aug 3rd - 10:40PM

    Sunday Sunday Sunday

    I always wanted to say that like one of the Monster Truck show announcers....Just a thought.

    Today was a great day at church, even though a good portion of our worship team was MIA...The presence of the Lord was truly felt.  And the folks that filled in on the worship team did a wonderful job leading us this morning.  After the service, there was a board meeting and while some of the business that we had to discuss was tough, I truly feel that this church is on the verge of a great move of God.

    We aren't looking for the latest gimmick or latest greatest fad, we just want to experience a move of God like we have never felt before.  As the pastor of this wonderful (yet small) congregation it was great to hear from the people that they want to see the Lord move in our midst.  They don't want to be about "church as usual".  Hearing that from the people inspires me to strive for more from God. To be the pastor and person of God that he has called me to be.

    It is my prayer that God would get ahold of my heart in a rich and new way.  To be daring, radical and set apart for him in ways that I never have.  Help me Lord to be that way.  Help me Lord to love your people...both inside the church and outside it. Help me precious Jesus to become what you have called me to be.  And help me Lord to lead the people of this congregation to become all you have called it to be as well.  In Jesus Name...Amen.

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    Sat, Aug 2nd - 10:29PM

    Wedding Bells Blues????....

    Just got back a couple of hours ago from a wedding ceremony I had to perform for a former co-worker of mine. (I used to work a third shift part time job...just so I could people watch.)  It was an outdoor ceremony, very pretty, the bride was beautiful (and blushing), the groom was handsome and dashing and everyone was oh so happy.

    Went to the reception afterwards, got to know the brides family a little bit, was going to leave before the meal but was told that I had to stay because they had way too much food. (I'm not quite sure what they were saying with that?) Stayed for the food (man was I NOT disapponted) it was a great banquet, everything I had on my plate tasted soo soo soo good.

    On the way home as I was talking with my wife, I began to think about the wedding reception that ALL of us will be attending.  The wedding banquet of "The Lamb".  Not only will the food be beyond belief, that fact that we will be in the presence of Christ, to be able to see him face to face, and best of all to know that we will not have to leave his presence... What a glorious day that will be.  I am soooooo looking forward to it.  Hopefully you are to....  If not...Why not?  If you haven't got the foggiest clue what I am talking about, well then send me a message so we can get that taken care of!!!! 

    Blessings to you all.  Have a great day worshipping the Lord, may His presence surround you, may His love lift you and may His grace rest with you as you rest in him.

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    Fri, Aug 1st - 2:52PM

    Having Visions...

    Ever sat back and said "God, what are you trying to tell me here?"  I sure have.

    My wife and daughter's (yeah you Kyleigh) had the district manager for Avon come over today and sign them up to be Avon reps.  (Now please understand I am not trying to "plug" anything here)  And now I am sitting in my office with a bunch of "smelly" cards, lipstick & rouge samples, little packets of lotion and assorted other sundries.  I almost feel like I've been ambushed at the fragrance section at one of the big department stores.  Or as my late grandfather would say, "It smells like a french hooker on bath day in here"  :-)

    Anyway, what does this have to do with wondering what God is trying to tell you...

    As I sit here in the midst of all this "smelly and pretty stuff", I began to wonder.  What are we trying to hide? What makes us insecure about who we are that we have to use cologne, lipstick and other make up to try and look different than we do?

    If I am made in the image of God...then shouldn't I be secure in who I am.  Now I am not railing against make-up & cologne, but I've seen my wife and kids first thing in the morning when they wake up and I haven't bailed on them yet...So why the big production.  My family is beautiful as they are, even without make-up. 

    I also believe that we do a lot of things like this spiritually as well.  We try to make ourselves look and smell better than we really are. The only spiritual make up I need is the blood of Christ applied to my life.  He loves me as I am, that's why he died for me.  I don't need to put on anything to cover the blemishes in my life, he knows that they're there.  I don't need a cologne to cover up the stink of sin, he loves me anyway.  So let's forget abot the spiritual cosmetics and get down to business...loving God with all our heart and loving our neighbors.  That's what he's trying to tell me ...I think?!?!?!?

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