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          Many good natured Christians ask me this question. Does God speak to His children in our age and day. The answer is yes and I can testify to the countless times that the Lord has spoken to me. Welcome to my blog and read of how God speaks to me. Enjoy your stay. Do come back often. God Bless You.

    Thu, Nov 30th - 11:19AM

    The dreams that I dream-28- Leaving a Church

    Long back, early in our walk with the Lord, we happened to be worshipping in an Interdenominational Church. For 2 years, we really enjoyed the worship. Then came a time when some of the members of the Church started behaving in an inappropriate manner in their relationships with each other. Though this was very evident to all, they were not warned/stopped/forbidden in their indecency by the Pastor/elders. This brought great grief to me and my wife and we no longer could really worship the Lord wholeheartedly there. Finally we asked the Lord whether we should continue worshipping there or leave the Church and let Him lead us elsewhere. In answer to this the Lord showed me a dream. In the dream, I am examining a patient who is lying on the examination table. 2 of his toes on the right foot have been severed by an accident and they are just hanging on to the foot by thin strands of skin tissue. Immediately I call a surgeon to examine this case and ask him whether the 2 toes can be reattached by stitching them to the foot. But he replies in the negative saying that the wound was a bit old and deep and the toes could no longer be stitched back to the foot. The dream ended there. The Holy Spirit here was indicating that the 2 toes (a figurative representation of me and my wife) were almost separated from the rest of the foot i.e. we were almost ready to leave the Church (just hanging onto the foot by thin strands of skin tissue). The surgeon opining that the toes cannot be stitched back indicated that our leaving the Church would be final and that there would be no return. The Lord has His own ways of speaking to us and this dream was just one of His ways. Jesus loves us and wants to instruct us in every matter that concerns our lives. Most of the times He uses the Word to speak to us, but if there are specific matters that we would like to have His counsel, He’s always there to guide us if we wait for Him and seek Him diligently.

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    Wed, Nov 29th - 7:21AM

    The dreams that I dream-27- A difference of opinion

    One night in a dream, I saw my wife and me sitting in our room talking about certain matters. Suddenly through the open window, I see a dark woman running towards the front of our house. Her hair is strewn around her head and she has a wicked laugh. I run to the front room to check her out and as I enter the front room, she flings a coiled thing into the front room through the open window. I feel it is a python that she has thrown into the room, but then on checking I see that it is just a small snake, which slithers away into a pile of newspaper under the cupboard. Meanwhile my wife comes into the front room and says, "I saw that wicked woman throw in a monkey. I corrected her saying, "That was not a monkey, it was a snake that she threw in." But my wife was adamant. And me too. We did not want to change our opinions. As the dream ended, we were still arguing and finally both of us were unhappy that the other was not willing to give in. The next morning we prayed about this matter in our family prayer. We realized it to be a satanic attack and if we were not prayerful and vigilant, there was bound to be a problem. Later that day, in the evening, we (me and my wife) were talking about some family matters and soon the talk became an argument. We were going to get deeper in the argument when suddenly I remembered the dream that this was exactly what satan was trying to acheive. I became quiet for a while and then told my wife that the Holy Spirit had already hinted that there would be an attack by satan on our family life. She understood what I said and we prayed to the Lord and finally everything was fine. The dark lady in the dream was indicative of an evil spirit. When she threw a coiled thing into the room, I thought it was a python (big problem) but in reality it was a small snake (small problem) which just slithered away without causing harm (trivial matter that subsides soon). My wife arguing that it was a monkey and me taking a stand that it was a snake represented the difference of opinion that was to take place. If we heed the voice of the Holy Spirit, and pray, surely many problems in our life can be averted and more peace can prevail. All glory to Jesus.

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    Sun, Nov 26th - 5:23AM

    The dreams that I dream-26- The Immovable Rock

    The dreams that I dream-26- The Immovable Rock During a period of intense struggles in my life, one night in a dream, I saw myself walking through a wilderness. There's no one with me and I feel tired because of the hot sun bearing down upon me. Suddenly there is an earthquake and the earth below me starts caving in. I run here and there trying to escape being sucked into the huge gaps in the earth below. On seeing a rock, I climb on top but the earth below the rock starts shaking and I jump onto another rock. In my mind, I feel it's a futile exercise, even though I try my best to escape injury and death. Hopping from one rock to another and from there to another, I almost give up because the quaking is relentless. As I contemplate giving in to the circumstances, in a distance I see a huge rock standing undisturbed amidst this astounding earthquake. When the whole place looks to be falling apart, this rock is unmoved. As fast as my legs carry me, I jump from the top of rocks that are shaking wildly and finally jump onto the immovable rock. Now that I am on the huge rock, I am able to stand firmly and though I see everything being destroyed in my vicinity by the quake, no harm comes to me. In a little while, the earthquake subsides and everything is calm and quiet once again. Thanks to the immovable rock. The dream ended there. Those days were very trying in my life. Problems at work in the clinic, problems in the family, problems in my ministry and several other depressing matters. Yet, as the Lord had shown me in the dream, when all other helps (small rocks) fail to save me, the immovable rock i.e. Christ would be my help. And so He did! Praise the Lord. How true what the Psalmists say, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." (Psalm 46:1) and "From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I."(Psalm 61:2)

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    Fri, Nov 24th - 8:19PM

    The dreams that I dream-24- The importance of a good fellowship

    Some of the dreams that I dream are like short movies and this was one of them. I saw this dream long back, when I was a new believer and not yet in the ministry. In this dream, I was being chased by a villian with a revolver. He's shooting at me and some of the bullets just graze my body. I run through alleys and through the streets as fast as I can and escape his attack narrowly. As I heave a sigh of relief, he's back again, now chasing me with another dangerous weapon. He almost gets near me and tries to knock me down with the weapon in his hand, but I escape and run away from him. While running I pray to the Lord and say, "Lord, I don't think I'll survive another such attack, so help me." Before I finish praying, I see the enemy approaching me with a machine gun, laughing viciously, telling me that there's no escape now. He aims at me to fire, but before that, suddenly out of nowhere, I see the members of the fellowship that I worship with, come around me and join hands to form a cordon around me. The enemy starts firing furiously, but the bullets just bounce off the cordon of the believers around me. After firing for some time, the enemy gets tired and feels insulted that he's not able to even cause a minor bruise and walks away dejected. Through this dream the Holy Spirit was indicating that all believers need corporate prayer and the support of believers who worship in spirit and in truth to ward off the attacks of the enemy. A "spiritual wall of prayer support" is essential for every believer. It is God's will that each of us have "corporate prayer support" from believers who worship in spirit and truth.

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    Fri, Nov 24th - 5:58AM

    The dreams that I dream- 25- One eyed man

    Some Christians are so legalistic in their living that they cause harm and misery not only for themselves but also for others. There was a fellow who was healed miraculously by God of a life threatening illness. He was given the best of medical care but he went from bad to worse and finally was written off by doctors as a “cold case” meaning nothing more can be done medically and his relatives were informed of the same. Even during the prolonged illness several believers were praying for him and he was healed totally by God after he was written off by the doctors. Since God had healed him totally he took a decision not to use medicines anymore in his entire life. That may have been ok because it was his personal matter, but he also took a decision that none of his family members should take medicines when they are sick but should only pray to God and receive their healing. This man had 3 children and the children suffered because of the decision of their father. They were put through much pain because they were not given medicines when they were sick. It so happened that this man was coming to my house because he was on vacation. The night before his arrival in town the Lord showed me a dream. In the dream I saw this man coming with his family to meet me at my home. They come in a car and as this man steps out of the vehicle and approaches me, I notice a peculiarity. He has only one eye instead of two and that eye is located in the centre of his forehead. All the while that he is with me I keep looking at his unusual appearance and marvel. The dream ended there. The Holy Spirit here was indicating how some people observe everything only according to their own perception. One eye, here shows how this man looked at everything according to his own thinking. Perhaps he could have restricted the “not taking medicines decision” to himself, but his decision of not letting his children also take medicines resulted in so much pain and misery for them. He was a man with a “one eyed vision.” Undue legalism in our Christian lives tends to hurt many. One miraculous healing from God doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take medicines never ever in our lives again. A balanced view regarding medicines and many other things in life helps so much in alleviating pain and misery.

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    Wed, Nov 22nd - 8:17PM

    The dreams that I dream-23- O, me of little faith

    Early in my career as a doctor, once in a dream I saw myself and a few others riding bikes on a highway. After sometime we turn to the left and traverse a narrow path that leads to a steep staircase. When we near the staircase/steps, my companions just increase the speed of their bikes and ride effortlessly on the steps and go away. But I stop my bike at the foot of the staircase and look dejected that I cannot do what the others did. After waiting for sometime there, with much effort, I push my bike upstairs. As the dream ended, I could see myself dejected and upset about the whole thing. When I woke up, I couldn't really decipher what the Holy Spirit was hinting about, but I prayed that I may not land up in any problems that day. I had a hectic day at the clinic. Many patients and not a minute of rest till around 1.30 pm. As we (me & my wife) sat for lunch that day, I could hear some commotion in the examination room. My assistant informed me that a patient (10 yr.old boy) who had come that day had been brought again because he had giddiness and vomiting on taking the medicines. When I enquired, the parents told me that they had given the medicines on an empty stomach. The boy looked pale and was restless and the parents were tense. Suddenly, I panicked and instead of reassuring the parents and the boy, I told them to take the boy to one of the bigger hospitals in the area. Though I prayed about the matter all through that evening, I feared of something catastrophic happening to the boy. Would he die? What would be the consequences? I became very dejected and it upset me a lot. I couldn't really believe that God is able to handle every problem that comes my way. What the Holy Spirit had shown in the dream was true. Others would have been cool in a situation like this (effortlesssly riding on the steep staircase) but I would handle the situation differently (pushing the bike up the staircase with much effort and dejection) Nothing really happened to the boy, he was given a couple of drips in the other hospital and he was well (I enquired the next day), but I had spent an evening in unbelief, doubt and dejection. Will God really take care? is the question that often arises in the minds of believers even after they pray much about some matters. Doubts and unbelief persist. Jesus seeing the unbelief of his disciples once asked them, "Where is your faith?" Sometimes He asks us the same thing--"Where is your faith?

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    Wed, Nov 22nd - 8:16PM

    The dreams that I dream-22-Rolling Rocks

    Once in a dream, I saw myself standing beside a path with a father like figure (one that I have mentioned in other dreams). The path is quite strange because it is full of rocks that are rolling through the path at high speed. We both observe this for a while and then he tells me, "Come let us walk through that path." I say, "No way, I am not going to walk through those rolling rocks, they'll surely crush me." But he insists and holds my hand and says, "Come". Hesitantly, I give in to his call. And we start walking. In an instant there is a great change because as soon I start walking with him, it seems like we are floating over the rocks. What I thought was we would be walking amidst those rolling rocks and be knocked over, but to my surprise we were miraculously walking over the rocks. The dream ended there. When I meditated upon this dream the next day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, "That's a life of faith. Giving yourself completely into the Savior's hand's and letting him lead you. There may come problematic circumstances in your life, where you may think that you will be crushed by their intensity, but if you give yourself into the Savior's hand, he will lead you out of them all, without letting you getting harmed." And how true. The Word promises us, "The LORD watches over you-the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm- he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore."(Psalm 121:5-8) Praise the Lord!

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    Tue, Nov 21st - 10:47AM

    The dreams that I dream-21- He will guide us

    Early in my ministry, most of the members of my church in South India, were from the lower strata of society, many of them, daily wage earners. Sometimes I felt that it was because of these poor people that the well to do people avoided joining my church. So I started praying to the Lord for well to do families to accept the true gospel and join our church instead of people from the lower strata of the society. It was during one of those early days of my ministry that the Lord showed me this dream. I am climbing a mountain and there are a lot of small houses here and there on the mountain. The people living there seem to be poor and destitute. There is a father like figure walking beside me as we begin the climb. The father like figure is guiding me as I enter each house. I speak to the people about their life and share a small message from the gospel in one house as he looks on. Next we proceed to another house and there too I speak to the residents. On the way up the mountain, there are a few reptiles lying on the path, but they don’t attack me because the father like figure protects me from them. After a while, I develop a dislike for these poor houses and think of how to avoid these. I start moving away from the path, but the father like figure holds my hand firmly and says, “Not that way son, this way” and again leads me into another small house with poor people. After we exit many such houses, we both look towards the mountain top and smile at each other, me acknowledging that the father like figure is the best guide for me and he affirming to me that he is there to guide me till the end of my journey. God has cut a clear cut path for each of us in our work for Him. If we let Him guide us, He will be with us continually, even though the path cut out for us be as one climbing a mountain with hurdles on the way. And if He has called us to work among the poor, that would be the best place for us to be, as He showed me in this dream.

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    Mon, Nov 20th - 8:46PM

    The dreams that I dream- 20- In Hell, for a little while

    I have often longed to have a glimpse of ‘Heaven’ in a dream and have prayed for the same many a time but that prayer has not yet been answered. On the contrary, I have never prayed to the Lord to show me ‘Hell’ in a dream, because of the tendency to get frightened seeing the torments (as described in the Bible) there, yet some months ago the Lord showed me some sections of hell for a while in a dream. I did not feel frightened seeing the sights there, perhaps because the Lord shielded me from feeling fearful. Actually the Lord showed me 3 distinct sections of “Hell” (perhaps there are many). In the dream, a door opened to me to enter one section of ‘Hell’ where it was very dark and I could see the skeletons of people there. Though they were just skeletons, they seemed to be moving and speaking and were grieving for things done in their past. I moved from there and walked into another room and here was a ghastly sight. Body parts were scattered here and there on the floor and though they were not in the bodies that they belonged to, they had life and were quivering and trembling with fear and pain. I moved on from there to another room where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth, but no one to be seen as such. The sights that I saw were so intriguing that I waited for some time, just to observe it longer. Suddenly I heard a sound behind me and looking back, I saw that the door that I had entered through was slowly closing. Till then I had been calm and composed but when I saw the door closing, fear gripped me and I ran back and exited the door just before it closed shut, heaving a sigh of relief that I had escaped. Hell is a reality, whether anyone believes it or not. And Heaven is a reality too, whether anyone believes it or not. Better believe and take a decision for our own good. No time to argue once one we are dead.

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    Mon, Nov 20th - 8:46PM

    The dreams that I dream-19- The blood of Jesus

    They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.(Revelation 12:11a) Last night (17/03/06)as I slept, I saw a dream. In the dream I happen to be walking along a road and there are a few others walking beside me. After a while 3-4 vicious looking guys come from the opposite direction and they have several fierce looking dogs with them. As they come near me, the guys command the dogs to attack me and the whole pack rushes at me barking and snarling. In the dream I am at a loss of what to do but as the dogs are about to pounce on me I rebuke the dogs in the mighty Name of Jesus and pray to Jesus to cover me with His precious Blood. As soon as I do that, the dogs just stop in their tracks as if they are hit by something violent and they seemed to be weak and helpless. Soon they recede and disappear. This was a warning from the Holy Spirit that a satanic attack was about to take place in my life, but if I trusted in the Name and Blood Of Jesus, victory would be mine. Today, since morning, I had shortness of breath and chest discomfort. I remembered the warning that the Holy Spirit had given me and rebuked the evil forces that had brought that upon me. The difficulty persisted till evening, but God delivered me as I placed my trust in the Name and Blood Of Jesus. It's true what the songwriter says, There is power, power, wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb. There is power, power, wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb. The Blood Of Jesus is our protection. Every believer every day must cover himself/herself, their family, finances, homes and whatever they have been given by God with the Blood of Jesus. The Blood of Jesus not only cleanses us from all sin but also protects us from our enemy-the devil who is out to kill, steal & destroy. Praise God for the Blood of Jesus

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    Fri, Nov 10th - 10:51AM

    The dreams that I dream-18- A jar overflowing with oil

    Early in my ministry, I decided to spend one whole night in prayer. My purpose was to seek more power while ministering for the Lord. I had read in the gospels how Jesus sometimes spent whole nights in fervent prayer and that inspired me much. I had a very light dinner that night and sat down to pray. Though tiring it was a delightful experience. As the night progressed, I was a bit drowsy at times. I took care not to lie down lest I go off to sleep. My prayer topic that night, as I have mentioned before was for God to fill me with more of the Holy Spirit for ministering with power. As the dawn neared, I was too tired and just leaned against the wall and dozed off. That was when the Lord showed me this dream. He showed me an unwashed jar and a hand washing the insides of the jar with water. After the insides were washed and cleansed with water, I saw fresh oil being poured into the jar and the jar overflowing with oil. The dream ended there. The dream was an answer to my prayer that night. God was speaking to me and saying, “When you have been cleansed thoroughly with the Word of God, you will be filled with the Holy Spirit to an overflowing state.” The Lord wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit, not only to minister the gospel with power but also to live strong Christian lives bearing good fruit. And if we pray and seek the Father in heaven for more power of the Holy Spirit, He will surely give us the Holy Spirit power in abundance. The Bible says, “For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.”(John 3:34) The Good Shepherd Ministries

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    Sun, Nov 5th - 4:52AM

    The dreams that I dream-17- A dead rat

    Ever experienced deadness in your family life, married life or your spiritual life? Nothing seems to give joy anymore. Relationships are strained and at the point of rupture. You know something is wrong but you don't know what to do about it. A silent confusion. Just the minimal talk between you and your spouse or between you and other family members. I think we all go through this once in a while but when it stays for long, we must be aware that the enemy is at work. Jesus said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. " (John 10:10) This fulness of life is what the enemy often tries to steal. Some years back, this is exactly what the enemy tried to do in my married life. For a few weeks, my relationship with my wife seemed to be strained in many ways. There was no particular cause, but the quietness was very palpable. The talks were minimal and regarding day to day needs; no real lasting peace, joy and togetherness that the Lord gives. It was unusual because our prayer and worship life was on the upward surge and we were having success doing the Lord's work. During this problematic phase in our life, when we were quite exasperated because of the deadness in our family life, one night the Lord showed me a dream which made me realize how subtly the enemy works. It was just a short dream, but enough for me to realize the truth. I saw a crow flying from far off towards me while I was standing near a well and as it neared me, I saw it having a dead rat held in its beak. Coming near me, it just dropped the dead rat into the well and flew away. Some of the dreams that I see amuse me and this was one of them, but later when I thought about it seriously, I understood what the Lord was telling me here. The dream just indicated the enemy's tactics of dropping deadness into our family life (crow dropping dead rat into our well). Rebuking the evil powers which were the cause for this problem in our life effected a deliverance almost immediately and we were able to enjoy the fullness of life that Jesus desires to give each one of us, His children. Some of the problems in our life may seem trivial and we may not realize that our enemy, the devil is at work. But the Bible exhorts us to be "watchful" and praying at all times. And that is what we must be always doing. The Good Shepherd Ministries

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    Fri, Nov 3rd - 11:01AM

    The dreams that I dream-16- Wolf and the lamb

    Several years back, we happened to be ministering in an area where most of the local people were idol worshippers. The spiritual warfare was intense and we often despaired at the tactics of the evil forces in thwarting the gospel work that we were doing there. During such a time, one night the Lord showed me a dream. In the dream, a wolf was following a lamb at a very close distance, trying to frighten it. The lamb would run away from it, but the wolf followed it stealthily and suddenly appeared in front of the lamb and frightened it again. This went on for quite some time and then in the dream, I saw myself picking a stick and hitting the wolf on it's head. This wounded the wolf and it was enraged and jumped at me to attack. Surprisingly instead of retaliating, I just meditated on the name "Jesus" and the wolf disappeared from the scene in a while. I was quite perplexed on waking up the next morning, thinking about the dream. What could it possibly mean? I thought of telling my wife about the dream as she brought in the morning coffee, but before I spoke she spoke and said, "I have been feeling quite afraid these days, especially at night times. Whenever it is dark, I feel I am being watched by someone; it's an old woman like figure with long white hair and shining eyes. It just appears out of nowhere and then disappears when I start praying, but it keeps troubling me. Immediately I understood what the Holy Spirit had shown me in the dream. An evil spirit (shown as a wolf in the dream) was trying to frighten my wife (shown as a lamb in the dream). Not wasting anytime, I rebuked the evil power (that was troubling my wife) in Jesus' Name. I knew that the evil spirit would retaliate against me, when I rebuked it because the Lord had shown that in the dream and it did by afflicting me with a headache for quite sometime that day. But the Lord had already shown me how to gain victory over the evil power in the dream itself and that is exactly what I did.I meditated on the name of our Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ" and was delivered soon. The evil power did not trouble my wife anymore and we praised the Lord for giving us victory. This episode made me realize that there is great power even in just uttering the name "Jesus". No wonder, it's the name above all names. Praise the Lord. [River Of God] [Doctor's Podcast]

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