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          General chat about my faith,some poetry i have written.Some thing of me and my life.

    Sat, May 17th - 6:57AM

    Wrath of god.

    The next super power China is suffering a lot at present and my heart goes out to the people may god help them. As if an earthquake is not enough they now have to deal with a burst dam meaning water will probably flood into the area where the people are working hard to try to get people out of the rubble making it double as hard for them.

    . Burma is in a bad way too with a cyclone having destroyed so much and left people with nothing, many having lost there children and familys. 0nce again my heart goes out to these people may god help them. But i feel deeply this is all part of gods plan.

     The far east as been involved in many things that have destroyed gods creation the treatment of animals as been disgusting by some and i am a believer that animals are given to us to see how we deal with them, in other words do we care for them or use and abuse them, and the far east as abused animals. Any one who trys to block the christian church also will suffer the wrath of god.

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    Fri, May 16th - 7:23AM

    0n the edge.

    Pastors have found themselves in a desperate posision over the years,with the decline of people going to church and chapels,and churches becoming more and more empty. Planning a sermon that might take all week to perhaps give out to two people who have drifted into church with no where else to go on sunday morning. 

     Any one who finds themself desperate like this should be careful the devil does not lead them away from christ and take away the kingdom of god in exchange for cheap worldly satisfaction. This plight is the devils work to draw us away from gods promise.

     We want people to love our lord as we do and we some times can go too far in our effort to make others follow him too and we can be flogging a dead horse so to speak and infact moving furthur away from our lord ourselves in the process. Even as a pastor when we feel harf hearted about attending church with our sermon knowing eaither no one will be there or nobody is really listning to us we are falling into the devils hands again for if we are low in spirit and depressed he likes it and he is winning.

    When churches appear on tv what a difference we see sudddenly the church is packed full of people trying to give the impression to there friends that they are church goers. Pastors have had to meet the public harf way almost setting aside there beliefs to encourage people into the church,advertizing themselves in any way they can that appeals to the public,come and join us,encouraging people in and keeping them is different. 

     Going to church and being a true believer,born again, is different. There are people who paddle on the edge but never go into the sea so to speak,they do not want any more than a paddle they see no need for christ in there life,they have every think they need and all there friends and family support them,christ to them is something they only harf believe in and do not feel the need for. 

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    Mon, May 12th - 7:34AM

    The rainforests.

    I am pleased about my yellow roses photograph introducing my blog,those flowers are in my garden, a photograph i took last year, they are such a beautiful  sight in the middle of summer, they are in pride of place.

     I do love my plants and i thank god for the world he created of which is in itself very beautiful. Which brings me to concerns about the destruction of the rainforests,we so need the trees and plants for a healthy existance.

     We need them to purify the air we breath reaching for many thousands of miles,we need the plants for medicines. There is the destruction of animal life, creatures losing there homes, becoming exstinct, our children will never see many of these wonderful creatures god created.

    Many of the forest people are getting a living now from the land themselves but will things ever be the same. Was this not a paradise on earth destroyed and will we pay heavy for it in the long term,is this not a disastor for the human race?. 

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    Mon, May 12th - 7:14AM

    True friends.

    Some people are followed by many for whatever reason they are popular but are all these followers true friends or are some following because its the thing to do and they can not bare to be an outsider,they must be the same as every one else.

     Even jesus had among him people who were harf hearted about him,they called themselves friends or disciples but where were they when he really needed them, when  his fears were at there greatest and he needed them most they slept.

    Thomas doubted him and Judas kissed him before he betrayed him,and the rest of them said they did not know him when they were called upon to face up to what they were. It really shows that little as changed. is it  perhaps better to have one good loyal friend than dozons of followers?

    Matthew 26.

    verse 21.

    verily i say unto you one of you will betray me.

    verse 40.

    could ye not watch with me one hour.

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    Sat, May 10th - 7:25AM



    _flowers.png flowers image by yukilovelight

    Why so much sadness,why so much pain,there really is nothing to gain.

    0ne day your life will be over and whatever you fought others for

    will be gone forever,so whats it all for.

    If they choose to fight you do not be afraid,tell the lord about it,he

    will bring justice and peace,where now is disaster and pain.

    by jg

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    Denomination: anglican
    About Me: I am a born again christian since 1980. I enjoy writing stories and poetry. I also like to tell people of the hope that my faith as given me and how christ can change us and our life for the better.

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