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    Pat's Photography
          It is my goal that the viewer of these photos of mine will sense the true meaning of the verse in the Bible that says,
          "Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD."
          Psalm 150:6

    Thu, Feb 22nd - 8:24AM

    Waiting for Spring

    Waiting for Spring at the Golf Course

    Just south of where I reside in Guelph is a Golf Course and my eyes were drawn to the bench outside of the Clubhouse.

    I'm sure that all of the members of this club are eagerly waiting for spring to arrive!

    A Shelter In the Time of Storm
    (Click to hear music)

    You have been a shelter from the storm.
    Isaiah 25:4

    Words: Vernon J. Charlesworth, circa 1880.

    Music: Ira D. Sankey, circa 1885


    The Lord's our Rock, in Him we hide,
    A Shelter in the time of storm;
    Secure whatever ill betide,
    A Shelter in the time of storm.

    Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land,
    A weary land, a weary land;
    Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land,
    A Shelter in the time of storm.

    A shade by day, defense by night,
    A Shelter in the time of storm;
    No fears alarm, no foes afright,
    A Shelter in the time of storm.


    The raging storms may round us beat,
    A Shelter in the time of storm
    We'll never leave our safe retreat,
    A Shelter in the time of storm.


    O Rock divine, O Refuge dear,
    A Shelter in the time of storm;
    Be Thou our Helper ever near,
    A Shelter in the time of storm.


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    Thu, Feb 22nd - 8:22AM

    Waiting for Spring

    Waiting for Spring at the Golf Course

    Just south of where I reside in Guelph is a Golf Course and my eyes were drawn to the bench outside of the Clubhouse.

    I'm sure that all of the members of this club are eagerly waiting for spring to arrive!

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    Wed, Feb 21st - 10:54AM

    Frozen H2O

    Amazing the patterns that are formed when you combine snow melting, wind and freezing temperatures. This was hanging from my back eavestrough and each time I opened my patio door, as the heat escaped from my kitchen, more icicles formed.

    This has been such a different winter. During December and most of January, we, here in this city at the south side of our "snow belt" thought that we weren't going to have any winter at all but it's certainly arrived now and arrived with a vengeance!

    Another of the Creator's wonderful artwork!

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    Mon, Feb 19th - 5:57PM

    It was a very bad Saturday morning...

    On Saturday morning a few weeks ago, about 10 to 9 am, I was driving within about a block from my house on a very heavily snow-packed and snow-covered residential road. Because of the road conditions, it was impossible or insane to drive at any speed at all so I "guesstimate" my speed to be about 30 km/hr.h

    Just ahead, this lady started to reverse from her driveway without looking to the right in the direction from where I was coming and she backed right into my car!

    Because I saw it coming, I guess my body tensed up and as a result I've had lots of pain over the weekend from muscles I didn't know I even had.

    She was charged!

    I got a rental vehicle 2 days later and my poor little car was towed away to be assessed as to what the costs of fixing it will be. The wouldn't!!! It's a 1995 car with low-ish mileage on it for the age of it and it drives well and I was hoping and praying that they would agree to fix it and not decide to give me the book value of it. ($2,500.)



    Now, this is my "baby"!  Thanks to the bank!  I now am the owner of an SUV and my grandchildren are all giggling about "My grandma has an SUV!!"  :)


    At least, I have a car to replace my old one. Sure wasn't expecting to have to look for a new car right now but I brought this one home a couple of weeks ago. I didn't take this photo but the car in mine--all mine! (well, guess it's also the bank's)  HAHAHA!

    He Keeps Me Singing
    (Click to hear music)

    My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods;
    with singing lips my mouth will praise you.  
    Psalm 63:5

    Luther B. Bridges, 1884-1948

    There's within my heart a melody
    Jesus whispers sweet and low,
    Fear not, I am with thee, peace, be still,
    In all of life's ebb and flow.

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
    Sweetest Name I know,
    Fills my every longing,
    Keeps me singing as I go.

    All my life was wrecked by sin and strife,
    Discord filled my heart with pain,
    Jesus swept across the broken strings,
    Stirred the slumbering chords again.


    Feasting on the riches of His grace,
    Resting 'neath His sheltering wing,
    Always looking on His smiling face,
    That is why I shout and sing.


    Though sometimes He leads through waters deep,
    Trials fall across the way,
    Though sometimes the path seems rough and steep,
    See His footprints all the way.


    Soon He's coming back to welcome me,
    Far beyond the starry sky;
    I shall wing my flight to worlds unknown,
    I shall reign with Him on high.


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    Mon, Feb 19th - 12:29PM

    "Hats" on the Bird Feeders

    I was letting Geordie out to "do his business" a little while ago and this is what the bird feeders look like today!

    Comment (5)

    Sun, Feb 18th - 9:58PM

    Late for Valentine's Day...


    A Love Story on Valentine's Day

    Many years ago, there was a tall, handsome Irishman who was courting his lady friend. They loved to walk. Walking over the hills and in the dales was most pleasant to both of them. Oftentimes he would tell her of his home town across the sea in Ulster and he would talk often all about the wee loughs where he loved to just sit and day dream (and do some fishing!).

    She would tell him of her favorite places in Ontario as well and in time, they both realized that they were interested in the similar things. They both loved to discuss scripture together and share their love for their Lord Jesus Christ.

    On one walk, as her skirt and crinolines swished back and forth, he tenderly took her hand in his and gently squeezed it. They had been walking all evening. On and on they walked, he holding her hand in his.

    At one lovely place, he decided that they should stop and rest awhile. She drank in the beautiful view of the blue-green hills in the distance. He didn't want to let go of her hand and then their gazes met and as she looked into his blue eyes, she knew she loved him.

    He asked her if she would "come to his wedding." What a different way this Irishman had of proposing to her, she thought. She, being in a playful mood, asked if he would like her to be the organist at his wedding.

    "No," he replied.

    "Bridesmaid?", she asked.


    "Maid of Honour?"



    "Well,. . . maybe". . .

    He then told her that it was the Bride at his wedding that he wanted her to be!

    Thinking she wasn't at all as pretty as she should be in his eyes, she expressed these feelings to him that lovely autumn evening whereupon he started to sing to her an Irish song of the early 1800's with the most beautiful words she had ever heard.

    Believe me if all those
    Endearing young charms
    Which I gaze on so fondly today
    Were to change by tomorrow
    And fleet in my arms,
    Like fairy gifts fading away
    Thou would'st still be adored
    As this moment thou art
    Let thy loveliness fade as it will
    And around the dear ruin
    Each wish of my heart
    Would entwine itself
    Verdantly still.

    He only sang the first verse to his young maiden 46 years ago and when he finished singing, I said, "Yes, Jack, I will be your bride." And he also held me to my promise that I would sing at his wedding!

    Here is the second verse:

    It is not while beauty
    and youth are thine own
    And thy cheeks profaned by a tear
    That the ferver and faith
    of a soul can be known
    To which time will but
    make thee more dear
    No the heart that has truly loved
    Never forgets
    But as truly loves on to the close
    As the sunflower turns
    on her god when he sets
    The same look which she'd turned
    when he rose.

    All this took place in September 1960 and we had been courting since shortly after he stepped off the ship (Cunard Liner Sylvania) arriving in Canada from Northern Ireland in early July.

    He saved his money carefully and it was on an elevator somewhere between the 5th and 15th floor in a huge office building in Toronto that he gave me a beautiful engagement ring on February 14th, 1961 after a courtship from July 1960 and we married on May 20th, the same year. And we were still in love....as much as we were back then in 1961, when Jack was promoted to Glory on January 10, 2001!



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    Sun, Feb 18th - 9:12PM

    The Old Barn

    If these walls could talk!

    I so love and appreciate old barns and old ancient buildings. Our country of Canada is so young compared to the age of the UK and other parts of this huge globe that we find it difficult to find really old buildings.

    But old barns really speak to me.

    This old barn I watch fall slowly apart over the years and finally took this winter photo of it. How very saddened I was to go back and take a spring photo and I found that it had been completely torn down and the ground on which it stood all levelled.

    How I'd love to know a bit of the history of this barn.

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