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    Poems of a Stranger
          Poems by others and myself that I have found to be a blessing to me in my journey.

    Mon, Jan 5th - 8:02PM

    "I AM DEBTOR."

    R. M. McCheyne


    When this passing world is done,

    When has sunk yon glaring sun,

    When we stand with Christ in glory,

    Looking o'er life's finished story,

    Then, Lord, shall I fully know -

    Not till then - how much I owe.


    When I hear the wicked call

    On the rocks and hills to fall,

    When I see them start and shrink

    On the fiery deluge brink, -

    Then, Lord, shall I fully know -

    Not till then - how much I owe.


    When I stand before the throne,

    Dressed in beauty not my own,

    When I see thee as thou art,

    Love thee with unsinning heart,

    Then, Lord, shall I fully know -

    Not till then - how much I owe.


    When the praise of heav'n I hear,

    Loud as thunder to the ear,

    Loud as many water's noise,

    Sweet as harp's melodious voice,

    Then, Lord, shall I fully know -

    Not till then - how much I owe.


    Even on earth, as through a glass

    Darkly, let Thy glory pass,

    Make forgiveness feel so sweet,

    Make Thy Spirit's help so meet,

    Even on earth, Lord, make me know

    Something of how much I owe.


    Chosen not for good in me,

    Wakened up from wrath to flee,

    Hidden in the Saviour's side,

    By the Spirit sanctified,

    Teach me, Lord, on earth to show,

    By my love, how much I owe.


    Oft I walk beneath the cloud,

    Dark, as 's gloomy shroud;

    But, when fear is at the height,

    Jesus comes, and all is light;

    Blessed Jesus! bid me show

    Doubting saints how much I owe.


    When in flowery paths I tread,

    Oft by sin I'm captive led;

    Oft I fall - but still arise -

    The Spirit comes - the tempter flies;

    Blessed Spirit! bid me show

    Weary sinners all I owe.


    Oft the nights of sorrow reign -

    Weeping, sickness, sighing, pain;

    But a night Thine anger burns -

    Morning comes and joy returns;

    God of comforts! bid me show

    To Thy poor, how much I owe.


    May 1837. 

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    Sun, Mar 16th - 10:26AM

    Divinest Comfort

    Angels of Mercy


    God has His angels working though we might not be aware,

    They do His bidding faithfully, in places here and there.

    I saw these angels serving in the Pennsylvania hills

    In a precious little hospital, changing sheets and giving pills.


    I saw them showing kindness to souls that were ill at ease,

    Washing bodies, giving comfort and relief in their disease.

    I watched them love my father in his final hours of life,

    As they gently soothed his agony in the presence of his wife.


    No cameras were recording as they ministered this care

    No crowds were cheering loudly while they combed his whitish hair.

    But cheerfully they served him, with a grace from up above,

    Demonstrating true religion, and a God-like tender love.


    I’ll not forget these angels that God permitted me to see,

    I’ll ever thank and praise Him that He granted this to me.

    And when I come to glory and worship at His throne,

    I trust He’ll bring them with me, as the children of His own.

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    Sun, Feb 24th - 3:27AM

    True Love

    An Irish Lady


    Away across a continent, and then across the sea,

    There is a soul in Dublin town, who scarcely thinks of me.

    Her beauty is remarkable, but much deeper than her skin,

    There dwells a gracious woman, that I would love to win.


    I would not have her love me for the wealth I might possess.

    I would not have her want me for my strength, more or less.

    My love for her is like an eagle, that soars to heights unknown.

    I cannot tell the boundaries, or distance it has flown.


    But I am just a poor man, whose hopes and dreams are weak.

    And she’s a graceful lady, whose heart is truly meek.

    My hands are rough and dirty, from work so long and hard,

    Her eyes are pools of loveliness that catch me off my guard.


    A look from her sweet countenance does bring me to my knees,

    I am inspired to conquer realms, and battle on the seas.

    Are there yet dragons for me to slay and with adversaries meet,

    I’ll make a trophy of their heads and lay it at her feet.


    If only I could speak with her, this Irish lady fair,

    And see her face to face some day, although I know not where.

    The distance now between us, though far and many a mile,

    I’d glad’ traverse, o’er land and sea, to see her gentle smile.


    A princess in a tower, a queen upon her throne,

    Her nobleness commands respect, and beckons come alone.

    But I am just a common man, not worthy of her love,

    My prayer ascends and waits to hear an answer from above.



    Who [is] she [that] looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, [and] terrible as [an army] with banners?  Song of Solomon 6:10






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    Tue, Feb 12th - 5:33PM

    Valentine Poem

    My Darling

    This valentime is written not knowing if you

    Have gotten no other and may be quite blue.


    So, now if this greeting is all you receive,

    And you feel forgotten, then you must believe,

    That someone is thinking fond thoughts in his mind,

    And hopes that you’ll know it when this card you find.


    For you are the special delight of his heart,

    Though distance and trouble have kept you apart.


    This love that he sends you enveloped in prayer,

    Will cause you to long for his closeness and share,

    The joy he’s been given, and new life he leads,

    In storming the Kingdom by doing good deeds.


    Know then the time for your union will be,

    But patience now keeps you till his face you see.


    Godly persistence will gain its reward,

    For all who are willing to trust in the Lord!

    February 14, 2003



    Rise up, my love, my fair one,

    And come away!

    Make haste, my beloved,

    and be thou like to a roe...

    upon the mountains of spices.


    Song of Songs



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    Mon, Dec 17th - 9:47AM



    Friendship needs no studied phrases,

    Polished face, or winning wiles;

    Friendship deals no lavish praises,

    Friendship dons no surface smiles.


    Friendship follows Nature’s diction,

                                        Shuns the blandishments of art,

    Boldly severs truth from fiction,

    Speaks the language of the heart.


    Friendship favors no condition,

    Scorns a narrow-minded creed,

    Lovingly fulfills its mission,

    Be it word or be it deed.


    Friendship cheers the faint and weary,

    Makes the timid spirit brave,

    Warns the erring, lights the dreary,

    Smooths the passage to the grave.


    Friendship – pure, unselfish friendship,

    All through life’s allotted span,

    Nurtures, strengthens, widens, lengthens,

    Man’s relationship with man.



    This poem was read to our congregation by one of the pastors in a recent message about friendship, specifically Christ’s friendship with us and our lateral friendship with one another.  I was very touched by it, as it seems to convey the essence of friendship very succinctly.  He gave me a copy upon my request and I pass it on to you all here.  Apparently, he does not know the author’s name.  May it bless you as it does me!



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