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    Sat, Jan 27th - 7:53AM



    A photo of Snowdrops taken in my garden this morning.




    Beautiful snowdrops I see you appear

    Whispering to me softly it is spring of the year

    When warming rays of sun will kiss the cold earth

    And the dormant sleepers of nature will be given new birth


    When birds will find a song to sing in the air

    And the awakening of nature is seen everywhere

    And the bitter winds blowing so icy and cold

    Warm up their breath when winter releases her hold


    Sweet little snowdrops appearing so shy

    With your heads bent over not looking to the sky

    As if in prayer so humble you grow

    Teaching me a lesson of truth that I should know


    That those who bow their heads in reverence to God

    Like you gentle snowdrops appearing from the sod

    Should humble their selves like you growing there

    And ask for His mercy in a repentant sinner’s prayer


    Then from the cold ground that is a hardened heart

    Life; hope and joy will make a new start

    And the sunshine of His love will melt the cruel frost

    Of sin that gripped with icy fingers the soul that was lost


    Each little snowdrop that hides its gentle face

    Teaches me so much of God’s saving grace

    And I am so glad little flower; beside you I did stop

    And learned this lesson from you; a humble snowdrop


    Colin Moffett


    I composed the above poem this morning after seeing the little Snowdrops in the garden. What joy and hope these  humble flowers bring to a gardeners heart!


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    Tue, Jan 23rd - 6:49AM






    With His mighty hands across the water

    God divided the deep sea from the earth

    And He took such time and patience

    Forming this beautiful land of my birth


    He made the forests and each rolling hillside

    Gently spread the silent valleys in between

    And with His hands across the wide glens

    Painted them with forty shades of green


    He set the majestic Giant’s Causeway

    Along Antrim’s Atlantic sprayed coast

    To array Ireland with such beauty

    He dressed her with jewels the most


    And when He was satisfied and had finished

    I imagine God beamed with a smile

    When He looked at the result of His creation

    This beautiful green Emerald Isle


    Her high mountains speak of God’s majesty

    Her waterfalls tell of blessings cascading from above

    All of her nature sings His praises

    For Ireland has been kissed by the sunshine of His love


    Then why should you ever wonder

    That Irish people, kind hearted, are the best

    We have great singers, for we have songs to sing

    To tell of what riches we are blest


    We sing of the beauty of our land

    Of God’s love and His amazing grace

    And our hearts are also lifted to Him

    For settling us in this wonderful place


    And I ask for you God’s blessing

    Though you are afar off; it does not matter

    God will take my love and His own to you

    Carried by His marvellous hands across the water


    Colin Moffett







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    Sat, Jan 20th - 9:46AM





    I have wept with many tears

    Exhausted myself in prayer

    Told you of my Saviour

    And still you do not care


    I see the fire ahead

    The awful burning flame

    I want to rescue you from it

    But my words seem weak and lame


    My soul is in agony

    What more can I do

    I see you in great danger

    And I am weary in warning you


    I see the flames leap higher

    See you drift to them each day

    I stand here before you

    To try and bar your way


    I point you to Jesus

    Willing and able to save

    Put your trust in Him

    Before you reach the grave


    I would burn my hand for you

    To pull you from the fire

    My heart is breaking to see you

    Sinking deeper in the mire


    Do you think I am happy?

    To see you every day

    Hurrying towards your destruction

    On the broad and crowded way


    My throat is hoarse in pleading

    But still I try to call

    Won’t you come to Jesus?

    Before in the lake of flames you fall


    Why will you perish?

    Why won’t you take His Hand?

    My words fall on deaf ears

    I can’t make you understand


    But then not my voice but His

    Is the one that is calling you

    He use me for His purpose

    And I speak His words so true


    For one more time please listen

    Rushing on your way so fast

    The next step could be journey’s end

    And all hope for you will be past


    Colin Moffett

    Comment (11)

    Fri, Jan 19th - 11:16AM




    Colin came home from school

    Beaming with pride and joy

    Mammy we learnt to count today

    Am I not a smart wee boy?


    All the other boys only counted to five

    But I counted right up to ten

    Is that because I’m from Portglenone

    He asked her again and again


    Yes Colin; that is right, she said

    As she combed his thick hair down

    You counted so well today

    Because you are from Portglenone town


    Oh Mammy we did the alphabet

    An I got on powerful well

    All the other boys only got to D

    But I said right up to L


    Is that because I’m from Portglenone

    With big eyes he did implore

    Yes it’s because you’re from Portglenone Colin

    His Mammy answered him once more


    Oh Mammy we went swimming today

    And when I took of my vest

    All the other boys were smooth

    But I had a hairy chest


    They all said it was powerful

    And would not leave me alone

    Oh Mammy tell me now

    Is it because I am from Portglenone


    Oh no Colin no; said his Mammy

    I cannot spin you another line

    It’s not because you’re from Portglenone

    It’s because you are twenty nine!


    Colin Moffett


    I decided to poke a little fun at myself today. I have been trying to finish of another poem at this moment. It is near completion but I just need a break.  I just cant seem to get the words I want to write to express what is in my heart. I know the above poem is not normally what I post here but I dont think there is any harm in a little fun especially when one is stressed out. I know Marsha likes a laugh!  That photo is the nearest I could get of me when I was twenty nine which is a long time ago. Twentynine seemed to be the right age to put into my poem for some reason! Take care everyone.

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    Tue, Jan 16th - 4:20PM





    Heaven’s gates are opening

    Slowly swinging wide

    A gentle voice is calling

    It’s time to come inside


    The journey home is ended

    Weary was your way

    I guided your every footstep

    And give you strength each day


    I counted your every breath

    Each beating of your heart

    When you simply trusted me

    And for Home you made a start


    The angels now are welcoming

    The streets of gold in view

    And in my Father’s house

    A mansion waits for you


    No more for you the heartaches

    The doubts and the fears

    I will gently reach my hand

    And brush away your tears


    There is no more darkness

    Neither day nor night

    Death will never touch you

    And I will dress you in robes of white


    Hear how I eagerly greet you

    Welcome home my child

    The lost lamb I searched for

    And gathered from the mountain wild


    I died for you in agony

    On cross I took your place

    I rose for you in triumph

    And saved you by my grace


    Gaze upon my princely head

    Once crowned with thorn for you

    See my nail scarred hands

    As I reach to you my two


    For I am welcoming you to Heaven

    This place of perfect peace

    Where joy and happiness is everlasting

    In an Eternity that will never cease



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    Mon, Jan 15th - 10:31AM


    Comment (5)

    Sat, Jan 13th - 8:41AM

    A few of my paintings done in watercolour



    Comment (15)

    Fri, Jan 12th - 10:40AM

    Got tired waiting for the snow so I posted this painting of mine instead!




    How quietly falls the snowflakes

    Released from darkened cloud

    And swiftly the moments it only takes

    To clothe the earth in whitened shroud


    Nature herself puts on a show

    In quietened countryside

    She scatters around the winter snow

    And soon the earth she will hide


    Beneath a carpet white and soft

    All things are gently covered

    Like the flakes there from aloft

    Came also the One who suffered


    He willingly went to Calvary hill

    For sinners He did go

    On wooden cross; His blood would spill

    To wash scarlet sins whiter than snow


    Come today before it is night

    With all your sins and guilt

    Change filthy rags to robes of white

    Before grace and snow will melt


    Your sins will be hid as covered earth

    The snow it hides her scars

    When you repent; there is new birth

    And a home beyond the stars


    Take a thought on winter’s day

    As snow lies under feet

    Why in sin you should delay

    When in judgement you will meet


    The Lamb of God face to face

    And from His presence bids you go

    In Heaven’s mansions there is no place

    You were never washed whiter than snow


    Colin Moffett

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    Wed, Jan 10th - 3:11PM





    Come with me my angel band

    A child of mine drifts to sleep

    I must go and take their hand

    And cross them over the Jordan deep


    Ceased and still once beating heart

    Folded hands across the breast

    Come my angels; we must depart

    To bring them over the waters crest


    Extinguished now life’s flickering flame

    A soul it stands at Jordan’s flood

    Their hope for glory in my blessed name

    And cleansed from sin in my precious blood


    We will make the crossing swift

    Leaving Jordan’s brimming brink

    A precious soul will not drift

    Or in the rushing torrents sink


    I will hold through waters wide

    When life is gone and breath it fails

    A child of mine in the flowing tide

    With my hands that bore the nails


    Oh you angels shining bright

    Ever have you seen my face

    Think when searching eyes will light

    And my child at last on me will gaze


    I will bear them to golden shore

    Through the river’s onward flow

    Where my redeemed can explore

    All that Heaven has to show


    Their voice in sweet chorus raise

    Golden crown adorns the brow

    Thanking me in their hymn of praise

    Lord for being in your Glory now


    Colin Moffett


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    Tue, Jan 9th - 7:45AM





    I cannot take your hand when you are in pain

    Or give you my shoulder when your tears flow like rain

    When you are alone; I cannot be there

    All I can do is uphold you in prayer


    I cannot be there to help carry your load

    Or walk by your side down life’s troubled road

    But I can take you to my heart and carry you there

    To the throne of grace in the words of a prayer


    You are my friends across the ocean of waves

    Our hearts all united in the One who saves

    In the shadow of sorrows fallen; Jesus is there

    And He comes to meet your need in answer to prayer


    His will be the hand to hold in the valley of your night

    When darkness creeps around; He will be your light

    The lover of your soul; the friend who is always there

    This Man of Sorrow who answers each prayer


    To have you in my thoughts is all I can do

    Across the vast distance I am thinking of you

    In my Ireland home; know that I care

    And I will ask for you God’s blessings when I kneel in prayer


    Colin Moffett


    I have made many good friends through the internet...in my own website and Pat Scotts site and especially here in these blogs. This poem was posted in Pats site and I share it also with you who are far away from me in America..Canada..Australia etc. I read the recent post of Mary Lou and it touched my heart and I just want you to know you are all in my prayers. God bless.

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    Sat, Jan 6th - 10:26AM


    She cradled with love her son in her arms
    And tried her best to explain why
    As the snow gently fell on the window pane
    Why in the spring of the year she would die

    She raised her weary head from the soft pillow
    With all the new strength she had found
    And whispered to her son; a seed must die
    When it is taken and planted in the ground

    You see; my son; your Daddy is a gardener
    And he will plant the seed in the spring
    He has hope in his heart as he covers it with soil
    To his garden the beauty it will bring

    Though the seed is plain and will surely die
    In the heart of its shell it has the power
    To arise from the earth with body transformed
    In the shape of a most beautiful flower

    God wants me for His beautiful garden
    Far above the drifting clouds of the sky
    And that is why my darling son
    In the spring of the year your mother will die

    I will go to earth in the spring like the seed
    But God has buried deep in my heart His love
    And I will bloom with such beauty again
    Fairer than any rose in His beautiful garden above

    For Jesus died for me on the wood of the cross
    On Calvary hill one day in the spring
    But the Rose of Sharon sprang up from the ground
    And the Lily of the Valley new life He did bring

    My God wants me to come in the spring of the year
    To lie in the soil of the ground I must need
    Then in Heaven’s garden I will bloom like a flower
    But first I must die like the seed

    Colin Moffett

    Comment (12)

    Fri, Jan 5th - 10:36AM


    When sun it shines at early dawn
    The sparkling dewdrops sprinkle lawn
    And in my garden where the flowers grow
    I remember my God planted one long ago

    For He once walked at cool of day
    And called to Adam and Eve along the way
    But they had sinned and needed pardon
    And God drove them from Eden’s garden

    I stroll in my garden while the birds sing
    I see snowdrops; daffodils welcome spring
    All new life that I can see
    Reminds there is new birth for me

    I kneel to weed beneath sky of blue
    And remember Jesus kneeled in a garden too
    I wonder if His tears sprinkled the flowers
    As he prayed alone in those darkest hours

    I see the beauty of a rose
    My Lord is lovelier than one of those
    And the lily growing fair
    Its beauty to Him cannot compare

    I jag myself on the prickly thorn
    My Lord crowned with those on crufixion morn
    He whispers to me when I toil
    My words of life will flourish in the good soil

    His beauty is in each flower I see
    There is no place where I would rather be
    For I am nearer to Him who gives me pardon
    When I worship Him there in my beautiful garden

    Colin Moffett

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    Wed, Jan 3rd - 3:44PM

    The height of Summer in my garden.




    The air to breathe and eyes to see

    The simple things in life that’s free

    Of shining sun and rain that falls

    And ears to hear when a voice it calls

    The sweet bird song of another dawn

    To smell the flowers which border the lawn

    To go through each day with strength and health

    To be rich in love and not this worlds wealth

    To be content with this; for wanting more is greed

    To be blessed in life is all I need


    To love and be loved with someone true

    And being happy in all the things I do

    Being thankful for water and food I’m fed

    When a feast for others is a crust of bread

    Not to seek for riches, fortune or fame

    What does it matter if the world knows not my name?

    Some things in life are just not meant

    What is my lot I will be content

    To change what God has ordained I simply can’t

    But to do His will is all I want


    To know He watches over me with love

    My mighty Creator from Heaven above

    When burdens are heavy He lifts the load

    And guides my steps on the narrow road

    What a peace I know the world can’t understand

    To be led each day by the Saviours hand

    Wealth will crumble and health will fade

    But for my eternal soul He is its aid

    To know it’s anchored in the Rock that Heaven sent

    Is all I need or want and I am content


    Colin Moffett




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    Mon, Jan 1st - 2:00PM





    Time does not stand still

    It never will

    Changes it brings to us every day

    Life is going on

    Each day more is gone

    And the hours of our existence ebbs away


    You may change your employment

    Be distressed or content

    Get married with a husband or wife

    Warm days turn to colder

    Every year we get older

    And the seasons pass like a summary of our life


    We are dust returning to the sod

    And to an unchanging God

    Each one will have to give Him an account

    Life changes to death

    It stills forever breath

    And to buy back time you can give no amount


    Time that changes everything

    Will not give you time to change anything

    When God decides you have come to its end

    No more time to change

    Or try to arrange

    Where the eternal home of your soul it will spend


    Have you been changed?

    Your life rearranged

    Have you let Jesus come into your heart?

    You will never be the same

    If He came

    And give your life a new start


    Colin Moffett 


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