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          Christian Art and Writings

    Sun, Sep 28th - 10:08AM

    I kissed your sweet face
    Saw your trusting smile
    Saw the love reflected in your eyes
    And wondered all the while

    Did you really know what you were missing?
    Did you wonder why you couldn’t talk?
    Did you wonder why you weren’t like others?
    Did you wonder why you couldn’t walk?

    Did you wonder at the tear in mom’s eye?
    As she talked to you and cared for you
    Did you wonder at the gentle smile?
    As she said, “I love you”

    I don’t know if you wondered these at all
    I don’t know if it would have mattered to you
    For you had known gentle love and care
    And you smiled no matter what you’d been through

    I will tell you what I wondered for you
    I wondered what it would be like to hear you talk
    I wondered at how very special you were
    I wondered what it would be like for you to walk

    I will tell you something I knew
     You were a special gift from God
    He gave you breath and a wonderful spirit
    And I know He was with us this path we had trod

    I knew no matter the hardships endured
    He was with us every step of the way
    He had a special purpose for us
    And He would call us home someday

    My sweet little boy, now in heaven
    He is holding you and you see His smiling face
    He has healed you and made you whole
    Saying well done, you have run your race

    Rest now Michael, safe in His arms
    You are now able to walk, talk and run
    Keep him safe for us Lord
    Until the day our race is done

    And I hope to hear from our little boys lips
    Thank you for your love and all you have done
    For though our hearts are sore
    Someday we will join him in heaven with Your Son

    So for now my sweet little boy
    We will love you Michael and miss you
    Trusting  in our loving Saviour
    Until we are reunited with you

    Jeannine Faith

    I had written this poem differently a couple months ago, I rewrote it for the service Celebrating Michael's life. He passed away suddenly 2weeks ago today. I miss my little sweetheart.

    Comment (9)

    Tue, Jun 17th - 4:45PM


    Innuendo and snide remarks
    Talk behind your back
    Why such dirty little minds
    Why are they on the attack?

    This friendship we have
    A blessed gift from above
    Two people brought together
    Through the mercy of God’s love

    Two who were lonely
    With no one to share
    The things they have in common
    Whose hearts are worn with care

    They prayed to God
    To help them find a friend
    Someone who would understand
    And stick with them to the end

    They knew their loving Saviour
    With Him they had no doubt
    But the needed a friend in this world
    Someone with whom to hangout

    Someone they could share with
    All their hopes and dreams and prayers
    Someone they could be quiet with
    Or talk about their cares

    Then one day it happens
    Their prayers for a friend answered
    They meet someone who is willing
    To take the hand of friendship offered

    With their loving Lord to lead them
    They find many things in common
    As they share as brother and sister
    Their heartache and pain lessen

    They share their hopes and dreams
    A bond soon grows between them
    They even share their prayers
    But there are those who would condemn

    They look to their loving Saviour
    Who has blessed them with this friendship
    They ask for His help and guidance
    For they know they may face hardship

    They bear the innuendos and snide remarks
    For their bond is of the Lord
    They pray together for His leading
    Knowing to leave Him out they can ill afford

    Jeannine Faith

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    Mon, Feb 11th - 5:11AM


    With mercy so deep
    And grace undeserved
    He cleanses and saves my soul
    With Him I am made whole

    Oh why have I strayed so far
    Why have I let the world sidetrack me
    Things that get in the way
    Taken my time with You away

    Restore to me the joy of Your salvation
    I have given in to the tempters snare
    Your ways oh Lord I have lost
    I know what it has cost

    Because of the cost of my backsliding
    They laid the cruel whip across Your back
    They drove nails into Your feet and hands
    You accepted it with love I do not understand

    You put aside Your crown of gold
    Let them put on a crown of thorns
    You endured the agony of the tree
    All for love of a sinner like me

    Cleanse the thoughts of my heart once again
    For my sin is ever before me
    Let the joy of Your salvation burn bright
    Fill my soul with Your love and light

    Jeannine Faith

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    Sun, Jan 27th - 6:22AM

    Comment (5)

    Fri, Jan 25th - 2:57PM


    When the storms of life are raging
    And the whirlpools of despair
    Threaten to pull me in
    Precious Lord, You are there

    When the winds are blowing hard
    And they push me everywhere
    I think I've lost my way
    Precious Lord, You are there

    When doubts come crashing in
    And of those only am I aware
    When they cloud my thinking
    Precious Lord, You are there

    When I have nowhere left to turn
    And it all seems so unfair
    That "friends" have gone and left me
    Precious Lord, You are always there

    Through all the twists and turns
    This life has to offer, to ensnare
    Though I sometimes succumb to them
    Precious Lord, You are always there

    You have never left me
    I am the one who strayed
    But You precious Shepherd
    At my side have always stayed

    Jeannine Faith

    Comment (6)

    About Me

    Name: Jeannine McMullen
    ChristiansUnite ID: faithscorner
    Member Since: 2007-02-16
    Location: , New York, United States
    Denomination: Christian
    About Me: Christian mom of a special needs child. I am an artist who would also like to be a photographer and be able to write about my Love of God and my Saviour.

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