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    Living In The Rockies
          On he road to Cheley Camp, Estes Park, Colorado

    Tue, Mar 24th - 2:12PM

    Were We Special?

      “Special” is one of those tough, exclusionary words.  As soon as we think or say we are, or were Special, we are automatically saying others are not.  And yet, I think America was Special, and here’s why:  in my  opinion, America was especially chosen by God to plant the seeds of His Truth (Jesus Christ) in the world. 

      I really believe that.  I know, just because I believe it doesn’t make it necessarily true, but think about it….what other country in the history of the world has ever had such resolve, such resources, such wealth, such blessings?  What other country ever came close?  I say, none other.

      Every country in the known world probably has a cadre of believers in the one, true God – He always reserves some for Himself, but America has been the most prominent of them all.  It’s a fact.

      God raised up America to do a work for Him.  He gifted us with opportunities, resources and abilities uniquely created for Americans.  We really were Special – appointed by God to disseminate His Light, (Jesus Christ) to the world. 

      But with time, we began to think our resources and gifts, our very land, was something we somehow deserved and/or created.  We raised up other gods; gods such as Evolution, Wealth, Power, Materialism, Humanism, and other Ism’s without number. 

      After winning WW II our decline into idolatry accelerated until now, sixty some-odd years later, we are striving to remain a leader in the world – but not according to our national calling  – instead, The New World Order.  We are used to leading the way – we’re used to doing so, but now we are leading it, and us, into the final Dead-end. There is no real God in the direction we are heading.

      So here’s the message:  get real, get personal, get serious and get desperate for the real God.  Your time is running out.  Opportunities for sin have never abounded like they abound right now, but even those will increase.  The good news is that opportunities to belong to the one, true God, and only through His Son, Jesus Christ, are also abounding.  His plan and His Holy Spirit power is about to burst upon the scene, and His real Church – not necessarily the one you attend – will come forth.  The Bride has just begun to make Herself ready.  She may not be very proficient with the makeup yet, but She’s learning. 

      Stop fooling around.  Decide today, right now, to whom you will belong.  Take the easy way most taken and die forever; take the way less chosen – the more difficult way, and exchange these shadow lands for the REAL, where He is the Life, and there is no death – forever.

      Pray to God that He will reveal Jesus Christ to your heart; no other god is worth your time or your attention.  Take Him for your own and let Him teach you about Himself.  Find a real Christian and ask for help – and don’t quit looking until you find one.  If the person you find tells you there are “other ways to God” in addition to Jesus Christ, drop him fast and move on.  God will supply your need; trust Him to do so – without delay. 

      I can't begin to describe for you how short the time is – don’t waste it. 




    Comment (1)

    Tue, Mar 24th - 10:52AM

    Nothing New Under The Sun


      I have to admit, when I watch the news of the day I get all riled up at the systematic, ongoing and brazen destruction of America, depicted with gloss from the television news media.  And since I usually end up yelling at the television and turning it off, it frankly isn't worth my time to ruin my day by watching.  I know what’s happening, and so do you.  We are all watching the autopsy of our country, and the news media is daily holding up the latest dissected organ of state for us to observe.

      As this autopsy is unveiled, our president interjects strategic sound bites to calm our fears – and allow the operation/travesty to continue.  It will very soon be over for our country, if it’s not too late already, and many of us will have to go too. 

      I have no doubt the American purge of Dissidents will begin before long.  Those of us with computers and email will be easy targets, and the more communicative of us will be taken out and executed.  We will simply be gone. 

      Eventually, the round-up lists will include Christian leaders, but because of their standing in their communities, they will be given a chance to recant their theology in favor of the new state theology, called “The New World Order.”  Many of them will recant in a misguided effort to protect themselves and “the peace”, but the ones who do not will also be gone.  Then on to the memberships of churches – be re-sworn to state allegiance (meaning=recant God’s salvation through His Son), or perish.  Easily done – the databases are already in operation in our local police departments, and as soon as the capital offense of Dissident is codified, our local officers, who have already sworn to uphold the laws, will become agents of the new order….the few, the very few that walk out will lose everything – and quickly.  They will be the most hunted of men.  And on and on. 

      Summarily, here’s the plan:  Man will worship something or somebody – it’s built into us to do so, so the new state will demand we worship the state in place of the true God. 

      Israel will not go along with this global plan (the Jews are at least, stubborn), and will then face global rejection and worldwide animosity.  I expect this to begin in earnest after the United States withdraws it’s endorsement of Israel, and we will stop being their supporters when/if they attack Iran, but if not Iran, some other military action that we, and the real owners of America can deem not in the “interests of peace” in the world.  At the practical level, we will withdraw our support of Israel rather than incur open warfare worldwide ….’better that one should die for many…’.

      This all sounds so crazy, doesn’t it?  Yet, how much of what we hear on television today would have sounded crazy two years ago?  How about ten years ago?

      It all boils down to this:  without the real, one true God at our helm, Might really does make Right.  I suppose we were a lot closer to the end of times than most of us thought!  I never in my life imagined I’d live to see the end of the United States as a free country.  And yet, it’s happened since 1945, and I’ve seen it.

      For those of you who believe that our government isn't without fault, but ‘it’s better than anybody else’s’, think again.  The Republican Party is, for the most part the conservative wing of the Socialist Party, or Democratic Party.  Everyone else in our government will soon be classified as Dissident because they oppose world peace, and those dirty war mongers will quickly run amok of the New World Order.  Many of them will also recant their public positions in order to retain their power and their lives – “in the interests of peace.”



      To the hardcore, real Christians among us – a minority indeed, I would say this with great urgency:  seek your God urgently; clarify your values and your vows (yes, VOWS); determine to represent Him during and through this time of national judgment in any way He leads and allows, and know that after all this darkness is over – He will return!!

      If you think this is a crazy prediction, have enough courage to learn about Germany in the 1930’s – if you dare!

      As Solomon stated, “There is nothing new under the sun.”



    Comment (0)

    Mon, Mar 23rd - 8:07PM

    The Danger of Worn-Out Outrage

      Many years ago, I found myself in the position of a complainer.  Mind you, my complaints were valid at the time, but my only focus was complaining.  My father told me that it was alright to tear the house down, but I would ultimately waste my time unless I could propose a plan to re-build.  As usual with my dad, he said in one sentence something I would ponder for a lifetime.

      Now we find ourselves in a dark hole.  Our “country” keeps digging, while we keep complaining of the increasing darkness.  Here is what I believe must happen – and it will only happen by choice.

      First, we need to know the whole truth about our national circumstances.  Several groupings of folks seem tasked with this job, but we need to recognize what the groups represent.

      One large group seems to propose we simply let the “experts” handle the problems of the nation.  They appeal to our sense of inferiority and laziness.  Don’t worry, someone with more knowledge will take care of it (and you).  Attacking this group finds you counterattacked on your credentials – who are you to complain?  What can you possibly know about the intricacies of government?  Aren’t you just another “nobody”?  You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.  Don’t worry – watch some meaningless mental bubblegum on television – and be happy.

      Another group, not as large as the first, represents those who have always been the “eggers-on”.  They hope someone (not themselves) risks a fight and fixes the problems they point out.  Perhaps after the fur flies they can wear someone else’s combat ribbons and move into importance.  These folks always have a plan for how to fix problems – as long as they don’t personally risk anything in the process. 

      A third group just wants to fight.  They are fed by the preceding group and just want to duke it out in the parking lot.  Ruled by temper, they don’t really care as much about the fix as they do about the fight.  After the fight, they’ll be content to let someone else arrange the pieces (see the largest group mentioned first).

      What I think we need is group number four – composed of good citizens fed up enough to tear out the rotten timbers (most of congress), but equally fervent about re-building.  And in my opinion, now is the time for that group to come to the front of the bus of state.

      The socialists among us (most of them democrats), are arrogant enough to assume they can make socialism work in America, in spite of the fact it hasn’t worked anywhere else.  Their arrogance is fueled by the belief that one, they can't fail, and two, that socialism has always been kind to the rulers.  Since they see the rest of us as sheep to be fleeced, they have chosen to be the rulers.  And in a way they are correct: in a world without God, might does make right – for awhile, anyway.

      And to be a ruler, or in the ruling class, because this really is just class warfare, means that whether socialism succeeds or fails, the allure is that they will come out on top either way.

      Many months ago, prior to the “coronation”, I warned we were blindly heading for socialism.  I was one of the dogs that barked, and was ignored.  A friend of mine who I have known for years actually told me, “This can't happen here.”  I’m not proud of being right, but here’s the truth – it can and it is, and it’s unfolding with the speed of lightning.  And in a way I have to confess I understood what he was saying, having spent most of my life thinking the freedoms I took for granted could be taken for granted because, after all – this is America! 

      My question today is: is this America?  I never left my country, I just failed to participate – and now my country has left me.

      So here’s the conservative challenge as I see it – do not waste this crisis.  Let it polarize you and move you to action.  While exposing the lies are vital, more important is to focus the outrage on a platform based on problem solving.  Get your platform together NOW – not in two years.  Find the moral high ground (not hard by comparison) and pump it for all it’s worth!  Proclaim the solutions and be loud about it.

      And why is this important now?  Because too much outrage eventually turns into apathy, and gives the ruling class the nod; because people will get tired of hearing the next expose, and cease to have any hope that solutions exist.

      To the television anchors on FOX I would say this: you’ve done a creditable job of expose (well, better than none), but if you don’t begin today to focus on the solutions you’ll find yourselves looking for work on the socialist stations in less than four years.  Of course, you won’t have to work as hard – everything will be given to you.

      And speaking of that – have you ever wondered who is the puppet master pulling the president’s strings? 




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    Sat, Mar 7th - 11:44AM

    The Essence of Being

      My wife and I have a re-occurring conversation every so often, usually in regard to some geographical feature I “see for the first time.”   I will look at a house, and ask her, “How long has that been there?”  Invariably, she’ll answer something like, “As long as we’ve been here.”

      And I know inside myself that it’s the very first time I’ve been specifically aware of the feature, even though I’ve been “seeing” it every day for five years!  And silly though it seems, doesn’t this illustrate how God’s Word acts in us?

      I have read and re-read the bible for years, but frankly, most of it sheds off like I’m wearing a rain coat over my mind, until a piece of it arises out of my depths and declares, “Today I have become yours.” 

      This morning, as we were getting into our devotional routine, my wife was reading something from a daily devotional, and the writer declared, “I am diabetic”, and I could feel my soul frost over!  I immediately thought how devastating his declaration had become in his life, and I began to wonder about all the “conditions” I have declared for myself.

      With sudden clarity, I could see how the demon behind diabetes loves to show off “his possession.”  As I would show off a new car or tool, proudly putting either on display for my friends, this demon loves to capture prey and display the trophies, and how delighted he must be when the victim declares with conviction, “I am diabetic.” 

      I firmly believe that declarations like these are killing God’s holy people by the millions, and yet, they continue to declare them ignorantly, yet loud enough for all to hear, “I AM…….”

      In fact, this ignorant believer doesn’t have diabetes – IT HAS HIM!  And by the way, the next time a virus slides through town, you’re not catching a cold; it’s trying hard to catch YOU.  Do you see how this works?

      God sent his Son to die in our places just so we could have a new and different confession, a new and different “I AM….”  In fact, the writer of today’s devotion, while he may be afflicted with diabetes, is not diabetic – rather he is a redeemed son of God by the blood of Jesus, and to declare any other “I AM..” slams the door on the power of the Holy Spirit in his life.

      So, the house on the block I suddenly saw for the first time today was the house of Right Confession.  Derek Prince used to preach about declaring a right confession, but I have to admit, although I understood intellectually the truth of the teaching, I never had it in my heart until today.  Today, this truth has become my possession through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and as my possession, I am responsible for it’s use, and so, I pass it on to you…

      Like every other human being, every day I face the daily struggle to find the high ground amidst my faults and the afflictions that come my way – but here’s the real truth, and here’s my confession; here’s what I am; here is the essence of my being – I AM a blood-washed, adopted son of God.  And I AM able to accomplish all He will ask of me through the power of His Holy Spirit. 

      I AM, and I CAN!  And so can you.



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    Thu, Mar 5th - 12:16PM

    Last Generation?

      Let me begin by saying emphatically – I sincerely hope I’m wrong.  Sometimes, it’s better to feel silly and have to eat crow, than be right.  Also, I only see my very little piece of the puzzle; I am not in a position to authoritatively see the big picture.  Having said that, let’s get down to it.

      I have been increasingly concerned that we may be seeing the last generation of our country – as a free nation, representing and propagating “Western Civilization”. 

    Aside from all the prolific political intrigues that remain hidden offstage, I’m concerned about our youth, because no matter what events unfold, they are the next generation.

      I live in a small town in Colorado.  It’s probably one of those places young people love to leave as they mature, and maybe return to years later, after their glimpse of the big cities.  At least, I can appreciate that scenario, because if I were young again, I would seek opportunities elsewhere for awhile, as there do seem to be more of them elsewhere. 

      Since my town has a fully functional school system within city limits, I have to presume there are kids and teenagers in this town, but I seldom see any signs of their presence.  The church I attend is nearly devoid of teenagers on any given Sunday, and other than some “locals” who drift past my house on a main street every day – whom I could count on one hand, I see no sign of the youth. 

      I was surprised the other day to see a clump of kids skateboarding together in the area set aside for that activity in the fairgrounds.  I also know there are adult sponsored paintball events for the community’s teenagers, but these activities bring up a point:

    Are we as a community of adults giving our kids (tomorrow’s leaders, today), anything other than recreational activities?  Is that our emphasis?  I wonder.

      Now there’s nothing wrong with recreational activities.  After all, it keeps the little blighters from running amok, doesn’t it?  But are we emphasizing values?  Are we adults passing on the values we learned at their age?  Are we adults getting these kids ready to lead?  And believe it, within 10 – 15 years, if we have that much time left as a free country, these kids will be taking over the helm, because our turn at the wheel will be coming to an end. 

      Several years ago the movie, Red Dawn, made a big hit.  I firmly believe one reason it was so popular was because we all knew how it would end – we would win (of course)!  Maybe it was harmless entertainment, but what would happen in a non-fiction setting?  And here’s where I hope I’m wrong – on our present course, anarchy and the subsequent subjugation of our way of life could be on our horizon.  After all – someone’s going to live here, and we have no God given guarantee it’s going to be us.

      I’m really not a “kid” person.  I’ve had mine, thank you, and appreciate the child-free environment I inhabit.  But just look at them!  I know there are outstanding exceptions, thank God, but many of the remaining herd are not even remotely ready to move into the future.  At least that’s what it looks like from my small piece of the puzzle. 

      And sad to say, the kids who are getting older on our “playgrounds” are only extensions of the adults they go home to.  Indeed, if they are addicted to “entertainment” and the hard-core responsibility-avoidance of the adults they mirror, our hope for the future might be very bleak.

      So here’s what I want to see and hear – I want to see the youth being prepared to lead, and I want to hear that adults are consciously passing on the baton that cost our generation so much.  In a free country, every generation always has to pay up, but I’m concerned that our generation of adults will have to pay up on both ends of our turn, while the next generation remains unprepared, unwilling and unable to pay up when it’s their turn, as it soon will be.

      Our country was founded on God given principles.  These principles, or values, have been handed down proudly to our upcoming generations throughout our history.  There have always been responsibilities to be shouldered by the leaders of tomorrow, and those responsibilities have always been backed by the gold standard of our values.  And it is the shouldering of those values that produced such outstanding citizens, willing to “pay up” as necessary.

      Now, I’m worried that we have exchanged the gold standard of our American values for empty hopes and unrealistic promises.  We’ve re-written history to suit our “new age” ideology, but maybe we’ve cut the throat of our future in the process.

      Our young people are our only savings account for the future of our country – so are we paying into our savings account, or foolishly wasting time we may not have?

      Who will fight for you when you’re old and helpless?





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    Wed, Mar 4th - 6:07PM

    The Search



      Oh Lord, I know now what I’ve been searching for – I’ve been searching for You all of my life.  Many times I feel like I’m aimlessly and endlessly wandering in mild confusion – but I know that deep down, under it all – I’m searching for You.

      I know You are all I need, and I am made for You.  I know my depths have been created by You – and for You. 

      Sometimes I search for You with recklessness; not caring what I find, as long as I find You.  Other times, I search with some trepidation, fearful of what I may find – but I search regardless.

      Somewhere deep inside me, I sense a desperate desire to know You as You know me.  The desperation will yield a knowledge of myself to me, and the more I see of me the more I shudder at the price you willingly paid.  The more I know of the cost to you, the more the mystery deepens – why did You do it?  I don’t understand your love, not really.  I have to confess it as a fact – but the understanding completely eludes me.  Why, oh why do You love me? 

      You must love me as You love Jesus, because loving me for myself doesn’t make any sense to me.  But just so, it doesn’t have to make sense to me.

      I am created to search for You, and as a person searches a crowd for a loved one, or waits for the step of his arrival, I cannot stop searching for you.  I become more desperate with each day, but at the same time, more accustomed to the compulsion to search.

      Please do not satisfy my searching, for I do not desire ever to be satisfied enough to stop, but please reward me with more of Yourself.  I cry out to You in reckless desperation – please open my heart to Yours; please open the eyes of my heart to see more of Yours. 

      So I endlessly reach out to You, but not without hope.  Your life has become my life, and we share the same blood.  In You, my only inheritance is without end.

      Today’s search is almost over – tomorrow’s is yet to begin.  And even through the frustration I find myself thanking You for creating and putting The Search in my heart.

      And as a lover lost in his lover’s eyes, I’m only alive when I’m in You.



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