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    Living In The Rockies
          On he road to Cheley Camp, Estes Park, Colorado

    Wed, Nov 5th - 3:27PM

    November 4th, 2008 - The Day The Lights Went Out

      Like millions of other television viewers, I watched last night as the election returns verified that my country had died.  I realized today that the United States of America has become the United Socialist States of America, and probably soon will be the hub of the North American Union. 

      As a citizen of what was a free country, I am understandably upset over the fawning masses of ignorant voters who failed to see past their own noses long enough to avoid falling into the charismatic trap represented by their new messiah.  Indeed, in this respect, the lights have figuratively gone out for my country – just like they did in reality across Europe in the early 1940’s.  Only in Europe, free men from this country died to help turn them back on in 1945.  I doubt if our country will be that lucky.

      As a Christian, I also see the bright side more clearly today than I did yesterday.  I am told in the bible to ‘Let my light shine’, and what better way than to offer light – any light – in an increasingly darkening environment? 

      It strikes me that most folks usually don’t do anything unless they have to.  We humans tend to wait until we can't avoid a task – then often, we try the path of least resistance.  That’s just an observation, not a criticism.  As such, when the first Christians were told by Jesus to ‘Go into all the world’…, many hung around Jerusalem until persecution drove them out. 

      In like manner, many of today’s Christians, faced with the same marching orders, have been content to remain complacent in the good old U.S.A. – living and striving to live “The American Dream”.  Many “Pew fillers” voted for socialism last night, and I predict their environment will now change as the social darkness increases around them in the days ahead.  I would also predict that God’s very real Presence among and through His family will also increase dramatically as the days darken.  That’s not a comfortable thought for me, but intellectually I realize it is glorious indeed.

      I believe that because Christians will have to make tough choices in the days ahead, God’s real family members will unify in spite of their petty differences.  Perhaps the church that was called into being 2000 years ago will now truly become The Church.  I think it will, and I think it will also be very expensive for many in the Family.  But at least the investment’s sound!

      So today, the day the lights went out for the old U.S.A., and the banners slowly begin to unfurl for the new U.S.S.A., it is time for all real Family members to get on their knees and seriously ask, “What, specifically, do you require of me”?  Maybe now would be a good time to forsake the complacency of the pews for the thin ice of faith in action. 

      If we Christians don’t learn how to truly live by our faith now, we will be forced into it later, but later is upon us, because on January 20th, 2009, our government will become The New Regime, and I predict that real family members won’t be made welcome.  Regimes have never welcomed Christians, and without risking their own demise, never will.

      So here it is:  if you are really willing to obey God – I mean really - get on your knees and ask Him what He wants from you – then be quiet and Listen.

      And while you’re at it, pray for Obama – ‘Nothing’s impossible for God’.




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