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    Sun, Apr 30th - 11:00PM

    Awesome Day

    This morning started off with me not wanting to get out of bed for church at all. I fought it tooth and nail, even saying that because I was driving the SUV to church and my license was in the car that I wasnt going to take a chance..But I kept seeing myself singing with the choir and hearing God telling me that was what He called me to do. As I sat there, I realized that If i missed, I wouldnt be obeying God. So, at 8:30 I left the house, stopped by the bank to get my tithe out, and headed off to church, praying all the way that I wouldnt get pulled over LOL...

    The service was awesome...The music was awesome..and then we also had the nursing home ministry.  It was so awesome, there was this one little lady that usually is taking and ramming her wheel chair into the speakers and trying to run off with everything, but today, she was smiling and just clapping and singing along..today also we took a different approach and was approaching the residents asking them if they needed prayer and singing for them..

    After the nursing home, me, Carrie, stacie , heather and Kaci went out to Golden Corral for dinner and i think i probably ate too much...but we enjoyed a quiet time..and then came back here to the house..ive still got a sleepy tired feeling, but im more relaxed and enjoying the peace...lol except for the puppies fighting and growling and barking..i figure that they need to run some of their energy off so im letting them play, as long as they arent tearing anything up...LOL

    God is awesome and as a child of God, I am blessed and Highly Favored!!!!

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    Sun, Apr 30th - 3:23AM


    Boy oh Boy do I hate Satan..I hate him because he tries everything in his power to find ways to bring me down and cause division...I hate him because he persecutes us..Satan is nothing but a liar..nothing but a theif..I hate  him so much!!!!
    Satan get out of my life..I dont want you here!!! Get out of my home, leave me alone!!!! I'm a child of God and you cannot have me!!!!!In the name of  JEsus flee from me!!!!

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    Fri, Apr 28th - 10:49PM

    Praise The Lord

    well, things are starting to calm down some and get into some kind of routine..i just started a new job and its alot harder than i thought..but its going good..and im enjoying it..

    my husband left tonight to go back to the military base in North Carolina..im missing him already, but he only has 4 months to go and he will be home for good..He's wanting to go to school to become a minister..which is awesome to me..i just cant imagine being married to a preacher, even though ive had visions about it..

    im looking forward to spending some time here at the house and some time with my sissies in the following months to come..we havent gotten alot of time together this week because ive been working and by the time i get off work im plum worn out..

    God is good, all the time and there is nothing to complain about because I am BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED!!!!

    Father God,

    Lord you are so precious to me..you are my Abba Father and there is nothing in this world that i would rather do than to serve you..YOu are my rock, my sword, my shield, my strength and i worship you with all my heart and soul..i love you Lord with all of me..Lord you are EVERYTHING in my life..you are the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End, YOU are the Good Shepperd, all things good, and I love you more and more every day..Father you are my provider, My great physician and my refuge and fortress..you are my deliverer, my strongtower..there is nothing in this world that i wouldnt do for you my Almighty God..Father i worship you and praise you with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength..You are worthy of all i have , all i am, and all I ever hope to be..I love you my Abba Father.!!!!

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    Sat, Apr 22nd - 9:27PM

    When disappointment seems to be lurking around every corner and it hits almost every second of the day, we always tend to let it bring us down..but the one thing I've learned, and have been taught by my best friend is that when things seem to come unwired or seem to be spinning out of control, it's because we havent trusted God enough to really let Him handle everything in our lives..
    For the past few weeks, I've had alot of things that seemed to spiral out of control..and I did get down and out to the point that I had others confused about who I said I was..I realized at that point, that I had let the disappointments take control... Now, I'm not saying that its been totally changed, but my eyes have been opened to what I need to be doing instead of giving in and letting everything get me down..
    Today, was another hard one, but I'm letting God step in this time and handle the situation..Infact, Ive had two really disappointing things happen today..
    One, we had to let one of our girls go back, step out on her own, even when we didnt think that she was ready..
    And two, a personal matter with my husband.. I'm learning to step back, and look at each situation differently and let God take control..He did, and everything is ok..I didnt get down, Yes I got angry at the situation with my husband, but i didnt let it get me in my flesh, instead i took time to pray before going to him with my concerns.. I want others to see God working in my life..not me..Because He deserves the glory..
     Father, Thank you so much for your unfailing love..there isnt much in this life that is as steadfast and true as you...You Lord are forever faithful and we know that you will never change..
     Lord, I want others to see YOU and not me..help me to learn to hide behind the cross, and live in such a way that all they see is you..Not me, only you Lord..
    I give you all the glory, the honor and the praise..and ask all things in Jesus precious name..
    Amen and Amen

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    Tue, Apr 11th - 8:04PM

    Pain too great

    today seems like its been a constant whirlwind of emotions..ranging from complete sorrow to just plain anger and confusion..My thoughts have just been completely full of hurt..so much so that I have pushed just about everyone that i could away from me..

    it seems as if i have spent most of the day in tears..crying out to God..and just being in such emotional turmoil that i cant think..i cant speak anything right..i cant turn around and look the other way because i feel as if i am backed into a corner..and im scratching and clawing my way out..except that instead of climbing out of the hole, its being dug deeper and deeper and deeper and there is something on every side that is making climbing out impossible...

    All i can do is cry out..and it seems as if my tears are in vain..


    Help me..I dont know how much more i can bear..you said that you would never give us more than what we could carry..Lord the pain is so great that i can barely move..the thoughts in my mind are of you..i so long to go home..to heaven and just rest in your arms..Father help me..I cant take anymore..i just can't handle it..my heart is broken into millions of pieces..the tears are pouring down my face at a pace that even i cant control..Lord help me....

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    Mon, Apr 10th - 2:06PM

    I finally got my house and its so much more than i imagined it would be..But isnt it always that way when God has his hand in the mix of things? One thing is for sure tho, when God blesses he does it in  such a way that you know it could have only came from him...

    My husband and I have been trying to get a loan for a house since before we got married just a little over a year ago..Finally just a little over a week ago, we closed on the house that I never imagined that we'd get..its such an awesome house..and there is no doubt that God's hand was definately moving there...I feel such a peace and calm there..even though I do miss being at my best friends..But its so nice to have a home to call my own..to be able to show people just exactly what God is doing in my life...

    He is sooo amazing and I have no doubt there is more to come...HE is my provider..and I'm putting all my trust in him, even in the midst of the storm...

    Praise God for his mercy and love..His everlasting grace in our lives!!!!!!!


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