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    Mel's Odd Stuff
          Just a bunch of odds and ends. Life is strange sometimes, so this will probably be strange, too...

    Tue, Jun 30th - 6:32PM

    Commentary on Iran's Internal Politics -- double check this yourself...

    Better than half of Iran's Population is under the age of 25 and most of them consider themselves 'enlightened' especially those who attend universities. In 2000, the Liberal Reformists took control of the Parliment in general elections. However, their power was thwarted by the "supreme leader" and the judiciary of their government. It is no secret that teachers and students have been primary targets in recent crackdowns. These are the people that are willing in most societies to defy the status quo. They have been doing it quietly for just some time.
    Since the fall of Saddam in Iraq, there has been free passage for Shia Muslims to Najaf where one of the most venerable of the Shia Muslim leaders Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani lives. He, and others like him believe religious leaders should exercise their influence over official affairs through credibility of thought and persuasive argument, not by force of control. This philosophy is traditionally known as the quietists. Religion has no borders and there is evidence that quietist thinking is spreading rapidly, even into Iran. So while Iran sends armed revolutionaries over the border (if I am a soldier and someone we kill in a battle has Iranian money in their pockets, where am I supposed to think they came from?) the sword has a sharper and more dangerous edge coming back the other way. That edge is thoughts and truth. This battle we are seeing today has been seething for quite some time. This is not a sudden surprise, although the timing of critical mass is never certain in politics like this.
    The dead ideas of the "supreme leader" and those loyal to him mostly out of the power they personally garner, has been under threat for quite some time. That they are willing to prostitute their "holy" names by commiting the atrocities they are willing to do and to promulgate the lies that they are attempting (unsuccessfully, I hope) to spread shows them for who they really are. I am sorry, but a child can see it. It is that plain. They spend all of their credibility here against this current generation. The next generation will grow up hating their hypocrisy even more. This will be a desperate nation in 10-15 years, and they may have Nukes by then in a final "no hope" confrontation. What really do you think will be the out come of that???
    In Christ,

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    Tue, Jun 30th - 12:44PM

    Where is this "Change we can Believe in" Sir?

    Obama is signaling the Iranian leadership that he values stability over change. You doubt me? Examine it for yourself. Pick up any paper. The EU, decididly [sp] less decisive than the US in the past, is already freezing Iraninian Goverment Assets. U.K., showing themselves more typically bold than the rest of Europe, froze more than $1.5 billion last week. That underscores the real reason behind Tehran's posturing and lying rhetoric about Britain. They are being hurt in a very real way. Tehran appeases its people by promising a better life, much like politicians in the US do. Lately, the poor have not seen that delivered as much, and the middle class and intelligensia, not at all. Tightening the noose is the way to get the revolution that has started there to get into full swing. If we are worried about them developing Nukes, ask yourself if they are fighting for survivial just how are the radicals in power going to get any progress other than to take more away from those already becoming increasingly upset with the current dictators? The cries on the streets echo the very ones shouted 30 years ago that brought down the Shaw and put the Revolutionary Guards in power to begin with. The exact same cries: “death to the dictator” and “Allah-o akbar”
    But our fearful leader seems not to get the message. Last week, he made this troubling statement: "It's not too late for the Iranian government to see there is a peaceful path that leads to legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people." One reporter noted that the word "consequences” was noticeably missing. Zero man's empty rhetoric reply? He says we should not "meddle" in their politics, and categorically denys that human rights violations require any response whatsoever.
    The United States could announce that it will not recognize Ahmadinejad as the duly-elected president of Iran until he is accepted by the Iranian people. That would have an energizing effect on the people of Iran and would serve as a catalyst to rally international support against this clerical dictatorship. Iranian-Americans who supported Obama’s election are beginning to change their minds. Some indicate as much on Twitter and other social networking sites, sending messages of regret: “Obama, I want my vote back.” They expected him to do more. I never really did, although I hoped I was wrong.
    Given the track record of Khamenei and his rhetoric, Obama has given Iran a green light to murder. He is Pontius Pilate returned to the scene, washing his hands symbolically as if the blood is therefore really gone.
    Think again! I hold you accountable Obama, even if no-one else will. I will speak the truth while others tremble in fear and awe of a man like yourself. My Lord and His Truth is Greater than you!
    In Truth,

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    Mon, Jun 29th - 12:22PM


    Since they are going to say that the new "Hate Crime" bill is aimed only at those who commit violent acts, I am going to confront the matter directly.  I do not support Satan, the prince of lies, or those who choose to side with him.  I hate "The Accuser" who bases his attacks on twisting the Word of Truth, that living Word WHICH I SERVE AS A SOLDIER OF CHRIST!!!

    If a vioent crime such as Rape or Murder or even just simple Assault is not a "Hate Crime", does it become somehow more acceptable?  The very language of this bill says "YES!!!"  If you wish to argue otherwise, please educate me as to how you can see this "Twist in Truth" that is somehow truth to you.  I cannot see it!

    If I "Act" by carrying a sandwich board sign which says exactly what I believe to be the whole truth about the "gay" lifestyle in a place intended to reach those whom I think need most to hear this message, will my First Amendment Rights be abridged by this Law if I am arrested for doing so?  I say yes they will!  If homosexuals stone me because I DARE to insult them, will this lie be used against them?  My sincere suspicion is that it will not, because only they are the protected group in such a situation as defined by this Law!  They would be be allowed to act violently with great hate in impunity!  This is nothing close to even handed.  This is blantent discrimination, and for those of you who think it will protect you, think again. Because of its very hypocrisy, this Law will dilute the meaning of all laws to protect special classes of people.  It will polarize those who see this favoritism as wrong to increase at least their verbal attacks against all such protected groups and (justifiably in the minds of some) increase the hate and decrease the willingness to be tollerant.  I have already said  "I HATE LIARS!!!", so I guess that means I belong on a legally endorsed government "watch list" somewhere now...

    BTW, if you want an acid test for Sonia Maria Sotomayor, ask her point blank, establishing the facts to match this in a hypothetical case, just how she would find in any such case. This law is FULL of its own Prejudice against anyone without special protected status, and as a quarter blooded Native American, I know just how flawed such a determination is often made.  She is bound to wiggle on this one.  Let her change the facts here and there.  Then push back with new facts in the case and ask her, point blank, how those changes would influence her decision.  If she were to say (rightfully so, IMHO) that she would ever have to shoot this Law down as Unconstitutional, she would torpedo her chances of being confirmed by the Liberal Bleeding Hearts who are pushing this bill under the guise of "Fair Treatment for All" which is as opposite the Truth as you can get!

    This "Hate Crime" bill itself is a "Hate Crime" and that is clear to me!  I am hated and I know who those who hate me serve!!!

    In Christ,


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    Mon, Jun 22nd - 9:10AM

    So What does America Stand For???

    For most of the World, what the POTUS (President of the United States) says is what they see us as. What has he said lately?  On human rights violations that are blatant in Iran, he has said nothing.  Now he has a legitimate argument that he makes when he says we should not address their political misconduct directly, for fear of giving those who are oppressing the people ammunition to call us meddling.  However, to have no backbone and have no bold words to confront the atrocities that are obvious for all to see, well that rings very badly after the conciliatory USA bashing and Muslim Supremacy speeches he has made overseas lately.  He was willing to speak in controversial ways to support a two state solution to the Israel Problem, but seems unable to speak against terrorists and political thugs who want to keep a regime in power that directly supports such activities.

    Now I think most Americans stay silent on this for fear that they will incite the Terrorists to strike out at US again. That is both shameful and delusional. Who says that if we keep silent they will not be encouraged to attack those who show no backbone? I have been quoted the "turn the other cheek" passage one too many times over the weekend by well meaning but misguided people. I say then you should have the guts to say this to who you really mean to say this to: "The Iranian Martyrs" who die in the streets unbeknownst to the rest of the world. Sports Players, whom many of you would denigrate as being lazy do nothings, show more backbone than you or I have shown so far, and it shames me.


    These guys, despite being threatened with suspension, (or much worse) decided to make a peaceful show of protest and "turn the other cheek" in another way, practically begging to be struck again. Will you strike them for me? If not, then do not suppose to criticize them by criticizing those who wish to stand for their rights and think that you have done nothing along those lines. They ask only for a "glass of water", and you blatantly refuse. The scriptures are quite clear about this mind set. I ask you to think again, in Christ's Name.

    Their "supreme leader" has said "Iran is not Georgia," a reference to the "Rose Revolution" of 2004 when mass protests of a rigged election in that nation ended in the bloodless ousting of President Eduard Shevardnadze.  He has instead called protestors names like "rioters" and "looters" despite the fact that the people are not criminals as much as he is. They are becoming more violent and belligerent, and part of that is our fault, for allowing the perception to linger that the world has not heard their cries yet. Yes they are shouting things like: "Give me my vote!" and "Death to the dictator!"  Here, you should probably say such things and have little to fear.  I think I have heard such things shouted about Bush quite a bit as a matter of fact. I think it would be interesting if we were to start shouting such things again and it was never quite the same again.  That would be biblical justice for what we are doing now.

    Oh, you think nothing that bad is happening.  Official reports were that only 10 people died Saturday.  Still, many others may be known to be supporters of Freedom may have died in their beds at the hands of the Revolutionary Guards who in the provinces have terrorized the public into submission by some accounts. Do you think everyone killed this way was really a threat and that no chances should be taken is the right attitude?  Then why should anyone oppose the death penalty in this country on the grounds that an innocent life may be taken? (which, BTW is the one valid argument I cannot refute in that debate) At least they get a trial, and some might even get a fair trial.

    For those of you with a timid stomach, this next link is somewhere you should not go.  The woman who dies here is named 'Neda', which in Farsi means 'the call' or 'the voice'. I think names do mean something sometimes.


    There will be a "revolutionary confrontation" if demonstrators take to the streets again, Iran's elite military force said in a statement on Monday.  The People must "end the sabotage and rioting activities," said the statement, adding that the protests by supporters of reformist leader Mir Hossein Mousavi amount to a "conspiracy" against Iran.

    Again, this sounds a lot like China 20 years ago.  I don't think standing by on the side lines means that there is no blood on our hands.  Think and Pray about this.  If you have a thought, pass it on to those in Congress who are your representatives.  They may not listen, but at least you have spoken as much as you should and can say with a clear conscious that their blood is not something you shed.

    I really did not have the time to write all of this. But I did not have the abilty to sit quietly, either.

    Blessings on us all and Give Us Strength to Do what YOU would have Us do, Oh Lord,

    In Truth,

    Your Humble Servant,


    Comment (2)

    Fri, Jun 19th - 4:09PM

    Today I wear a Green Armband...

    Today I wear a Green Armband for those willing to bleed and die for Freedom and Truth.  I am afraid the world will see "Red" tommorrow as the Martyrs' Blood will flow in the Streets of Iran. (and it may have already happened) The least I can do is voice my support. It is a small thing compared to the sacrifice they are willing to make.

    Hearing things like these really give me pause to think:  What is Iran's Government really fighting and to what limits (if any) will those in power go to to remain in power?

    "This week, Iranian police arrested 78-year-old Ebrahim Yazdi while he was sitting in the hospital, receiving care for severe dehydration. Yazdi was a former foreign minister and top aide to Khamenei who days before had called the election a fraud."

    "The soccer players who were wearing green wristbands in the Iran-South Korea game have been suspended."

    And let us be clear.  People have already died for peacefully voicing opposition to what they consider a fraud.  What makes you think it will stop?

    Also I am hearing echos of Li Peng in the Words of Khamenei's "khutba" (Friday sermon)  Read this: http://tsquare.tv/chronology/MartialLaw.html

    These people, however unknowingly, may relate to me even more than those who call themselves my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  I say this as a point of ethos, not some legalistic definition, and I am not condemning anyone for such a fault as this.  That is between you and God.  I will save my challenges for specific points that by His Grace are brought to my attention.

    Someone you should know once said something like this: "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

    He should know.  He was the Truth that Bled and Died to give us Freedom.  So in that way, these people willing to defy the chains of injustice and die for freedom are my brothers and sisters, if not in Christ, then at least in the Truth that He Was and Is!!!

    Their "supreme leader" takes the role of "The Accuser" (and who leads that faction?) when he points to our faults to silence us.  Waco was a bad thing.  To say otherwise would be a lie.  However, our mistakes do not licence deliberate bad acts on the part of others.  If anything, our errors serve as a warning to those who would choose to repeat our mistakes.

    I stand with those willing to be Crucified in the face of such an oppressor!!!

    With God as my Witness,


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