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    Mel's Odd Stuff
          Just a bunch of odds and ends. Life is strange sometimes, so this will probably be strange, too...

    Wed, Oct 28th - 6:00PM

    The Shell Game ala Pelosi

    The 'Public Option' is one of the big Points to Push for Pelosi and the Extreme Left Leaning Liberals in Congress.  They would have you believe that this can be done 'for free'.  It won’t cost you and me anything.  Riiiiight…

    Previously, the CBO had estimated that the 'Public Option' versions of Health Care Bills circulating in the House would increase the Federal Deficit by $1.1 Trillion in ten years.  That’s a Million Millions folks, and if boggles the mind.  That did not sit very well with ‘Madame’ Pelosi, especially because she could not claim partisan leanings from Douglas W. Elmendorf, whom the Democrats themselves just Confirmed as head of the ‘Non-Partisan’ CBO in December of 2008.  Worse yet, he is known to be a Democrat himself with somewhat left of center leanings within that party itself.  She had no one to cast spurious denigrating comments at in the CBO, so she had to try to get that assessment ignored until she could ‘fix’ the problem.  Most of us were not fooled, although her faithful liberal drones took it hook line and sinker, or just did not care about the cost, and so were willing to deny the truth to push their agenda forward.

    Well, if you have been listening to CNN and other mainstream media lately, you have probably heard by now that the ‘New Improved Public Option’ would actually reduce the deficit according to the CBO.  They will point to one thing that causes this:  The ‘New Improved Public Option’ ties reimbursement rates for doctors to current Medicare rates, plus a 5 percent increase.  This doesn’t sound bad at all, now does it?  Well, that is only one of the changes that caused this change in price tag.  But for now, let’s just assume for a moment that this is really only the only change that causes this.  What does it really mean?

    Well, one of the empty promises that Pelosi and her Cohorts are making is that ‘nothing will come between you and your doctor’ meaning that the government will not intervene and dictate what options are or are not available.  Guess what?  Not everything is available under Medicare.  Medicare Advantage, which millions of retired Americans now rely upon, is what allows them (at an out of pocket cost) to get treatments normally denied under Medicare.  So, if you are somehow forced into the Public Option, guess what?  You are going to lose options, unless getting paid for services rendered is nothing between everyone and their doctor…

    By The Way, those people on Medicare Advantage are going to get the shaft.  For some of them, it will mean that previously available life saving or life sustaining treatments will no longer be something they will have access to.  In short, no ‘Death Panels’ are needed.  They will be denied and they will die.  Period.  Of course that will further reduce health care costs and I would not be shocked to find that reduction in costs computed somewhere deep in the latest CBO estimate.  For those whose lives do not depend upon Medicare Advantage (and I am not sure how many of those Millions we are going to sentence outright to death) there is at least going to be a drastic reduction in the quality of life.  It might be that their current treatment for dementia will not be available any more and they will just slip into a vegetative state using their ‘New Improved’ medications.  Remember the Red Pill/Blue Pill question President Obama asked us about?  Well, it is very literally this very thing.  You will not get to choose which pill.  The Government will choose for you.  Now swallow it, Neo!

    I also expect that for some others, the reduction in the quality of their life will be in the form of increased physical pain.  For others, it could become depression that is no longer controlled.  The imagination is the only limit to all the harm the Government can cause here.  I would not at all be shocked to learn (if this passes) that some people’s lives will become so unbearable as a direct result of this that they commit suicide.  The real thing to watch very closely (and the liberal media will not go looking for this for you) is the mortality rates among our more senior citizens.  I expect a spike that liberal leaning statisticians could argue would be ‘spurious data’ which is a nice way to say that ‘those lives don’t matter’.

    Before I get away from this assumption that the 5% over Medicare is going to cause all of these savings, I’d like to travel down a somewhat darker road.  Part of the problem in the current system is people being denied reasonable care based upon the fact that they may not have insurance.  Guess what?  Currently people are denied that reasonable care simply because they have Medicare as their insurance, which pays substandard rates and results in costs greater than the reimbursement.  Can you say Financial Failure?  What is going to happen if Hospitals can’t just send unwanted Medicare Patients to another Hospital?  They’ll go under.  Go away.  Not to be replaced without serious subsidies to make up for the lost revenues.  So the Federal Deficit may not go up, but someone, maybe the City, or maybe the State, will have to pay for the shortfall.  You and I will pay for that cost that the Federal Plan is trying to hide from us.  The ‘free lunch’ is only for Pelosi.  Oh, and if you want a real life shocker, investigate into the Chicago Hospital that sent a 4 year old boy to another Hospital because he was covered by Government Medicare.  And this was something that Michelle Obama can be indirectly linked to.  If someone as squeaky clean as her can be involved in this, what hope is there in the more general sense for our medical system to not respond in just such a fashion?

    Keep your eye on the ball.  But you and I have no hope.  These shucksters have all the sleight of hand tricks down pat.

    One of the points (made by the previous CBO reports – I don’t know if it has been excised from this one currently out) is that Private Insurance will be replaced by the Government Run ‘Public Option’ if it is put into play.  The reasoning is simple:  Companies will have to pay less for this insurance (which is substandard to the insurance they currently give their employees) because the Government can and will force rates upon providers that private insurance companies cannot.  So don’t be fooled.  Pelosi says you won’t loose your current insurance.  That is de jure, the truth, but de facto, a lie.  It will indirectly cause most of us to loose our current insurance.  So ask yourself which is more important:  The de jure truth that nothing mandates any changes in anyone’s insurance?  The de facto truth that the drastic change in the landscape is expected by the CBO to cause most all private insurance to be dropped within ten years?  How will this happen, you ask?

    Again, this is quite simple.  Remember that Hospitals and Doctors are going to take a bath on Medicare plus 5% rates.  Private insurance negotiates and pays much higher rates than that, mostly to make up for lost revenues for those Doctors and Hospitals.  It is just the way it is done.  I am not saying that is right, in fact I don't think it is at all.  In fact I'd somewhat favor making the Hospitals accept the Government rates for all insurance, which would drive health insurance costs down and bankrupt the Doctors and Hospitals unless there was serious push back on Medicare rates which would expose the real cost, which we really need to come to grips with.  It is a hidden cost that is passed on to us without our seeing where it is coming from as it stands now.  Every person who gets onto Welfare and Medicare costs more than just what the Government Pays Directly.  Understand how that works and some of the games don't work for you so well any more.  Wake up!  Get real!  All is not as it seems!

    An argument can actually be made that a contributing factor in why our costs have skyrocketed lately is that Illegal Immigrants put a financial burden on the Health Care industry.  Yeah, those 10+ Million (out of the 40 Million Number Pelosi and Obama love to bandy around so much) are probably costing us at least some of that... Some of these people would get no care whatsoever in their own country and that is sad.  John Leguizamo is very sympathetic of that need.  Enough so to make you an I pay for it.  But does he pay for it?  Just three guesses and the first two don't count.  Are you willing to pay a very heavy burden to make that health care so universal as to invite even more of them in for just this reason?  Bring more in and it increases costs that someone must pay.  Does their insurance pay for this?  Of course not.  Yours and mine does.  Now, increase the number of sub cost payments from the Government.  That is somewhat better than no payment from the patients, but who is really making that payment in the first place?  Yup – it is you and me, folks.  We are the taxpayers, for now – at least until this country goes completely in the toilet.  The first place they will make that money up is from the Private Insurance companies.  Those companies will be forced to raise rates at a pace that will make the current health care cost explosion look tame.  Companies will have people like you and I who will be justifiably angry with this and may even demand a change in health care providers, unaware at how the Government has caused this very problem to arise.  And as the number of private insurance companies gets smaller and smaller, the costs will rise faster and faster.  And the Democrats want Republicans to get on board to share the blame.  The smart Democrats are getting off at the soonest stop they can.  This is a boondoggle that is so big, the truth will eventually have to come out.  The smoke and mirrors will only work for so long.

    Like I said before:  Keep your eye on the ball.  But you and I have no hope.  These shucksters have all the sleight of hand tricks down pat.

    Better yet, tell them you don’t want to play their game anymore.  Get outta town!!!

    In Truth,



    Of course, when I say 'we have no hope' I am speaking in the worldly sense.  Those who have no hope in Christ, well, they truely have no hope at all!!!

    Here are some links for you.  They are all from the more Left Leaning Media sources, so if you can garner the message I have above out of what these people have spun it into, imagine just how bad the truth really is!






    http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/bighollywood/2009/10/01/john-leguizamo-whats-wrong-with-socialism/  (I'll go to find the YouTube Version of this to keep it Totally Left Leaning -- just listen to Leguizamo here!!!)

    http://www.cis.org/IllegalsAndHealthCareHR3200 (this is not very left of right leaning in my reading of it -- let me know what you think of them...)

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    Mon, Oct 19th - 7:00PM

    And now for something completely different...

    For those of you who don't know it, the title of this one is a Monty Pythonism.  I take absolutely no credit for it whatsoever!

    I am usually quite serious here.  I thought I'd take a break and go for the lighter side of this life God has Given us...

    So without further ado, I give you a couple of funny things to enjoy.  This is not meant to be uplifting or educating, or even funny for everyone.  I just liked these too much!

    For you headbangers: (Yah Dude!!!)

    For you country western types: (This'uns fer Y'all!!!)

    Short ones: (This is over quick!!!)

    The one that someone else shared here: (I couldn't resist -- Warning this is NOT politically correct and VERY much a political protest song!!!)

    This is a funny one with a serious message: (I could see someone singing this one to make a serious point!!!)

    Just in case any of these stick in your head, I am going to make another disclaimer: Blame Tim, not ME!!! And if you run all of these at the same time, I am not responsible for what it does to your computer!!! (for real!!!)




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