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    Mel's Odd Stuff
          Just a bunch of odds and ends. Life is strange sometimes, so this will probably be strange, too...

    Sat, Sep 20th - 11:23AM

    What really matters?

    I start this, not because I am compelled by a brother or a sister who specifically asked me to share, but because I said that I was thinking of posting to my 'political' blog to a perfect stranger, and they seemed genuinely interested.  Maybe that is Satan appealing through vanity.  Maybe that is God appealing through what I say I will do and because my "Yes" must mean "Yes".  I examine this from both perspectives and can only conclude that I have felt this compulsion to speak, but have not, mostly because my blunt delivery tends to insult some people, or so it seems. In other words, I judge myself when possibly I should not!  That will seem strange to most of you, for you will hear me speaking judgements here, not in the kind where I am saying someone is irredeemable or anything like that, but definitely harsh calls for "Changes".

    This will probably be a long and rambling post.  To some of you, I will be writing a book.  To others, a short passage.  This will have a different message to those of whom it is given to see differently.  That truely is a judgemental statement in itself.  However, I also feel it is true and I am measuring out no plots in Hell for anyone, so I deliberately say this: Follow Christ!  Only God gives true vision.  Just because you are here, gives you no justification.  Your heart in why you are here, Might!

    God give me strength, this is going to be hard:

    I will start here. Please read this post and think about the players in the Drama.

    First you have Randall Terry and the people with him.  They were chanting "abortion is murder" at the DNC interfaith Sunday morning prayer service.  Asked why, they said to “Honor God.”  They are more extreme than I, but I support their honest approach.  I do not condemn their actions for following what is clearly a matter of well considered conscience.  I would not go so far.  Maybe I should.

    Then you have Meredith Place from Iowa, and others of the Faithful who countered the chanting with one of their own: “O-bama! O-bama!”  I ask you plainly: Do even their Lips Serve God?  If you watched the fan-fare of the Obama Acceptance of the Democratic Nomination, you saw the stage that seemed to try and say: "I am the Savior!  Follow me!"  If you can not see that his message is how He will redeem this country and even the world, you have not grasped what He says. People seek redemption. He plies that Hope into misdirected political support.  He is not my Messiah, but for many, He is theirs.  For them, He is their only hope, but it is a false hope. If their hope is in O-bama, it is not in Christ. I think I said that clearly enough, but I know some will not hear me, their eyes truly are blind and their ears cannot hear.  Please Lord, heal them so that they may understand!

    Merdith is singled out for what she said, which she will never be able to deny:

    “These Republicans come here and say we’re baby killers, while they send more soldiers to die. It’s just so hypocritical,” said Meredith Place, who traveled from Iowa to see convention happenings.

    Now, I'll agree with anyone who says it was perfectly fine for her being upset about the disruption of her service.  Honestly, if people barged in on me like that, I think I'd be upset, too.  However, she invoked a word that was so very powerful when I was a very young man, and still is to this day, although I am a shadow of the idealistic child I once was.  She called them hypocrites.

    Hmmmm.  I immediately saw how poor a choice of words that was, although I am pretty certain she was blind to this at the time and may still be.  You see, she was the true hypocrite.

    If you cannot see it I will direct you and you can discover the truth for yourself.

    Hundreds of thousands die each year in the US.  857 thousand was the official rate for legal abortions as tracked by the Center for Disease Control in the year 2000.  I've heard lower number recently, and that is encouraging.  However, the fact is, the number is still huge.  You can argue that sometimes it is because of Rape, or Incest, or Concerns for the health of the Mother that these abortions should be allowed.  Friends, we do much more than allow it.  We support it, morally and financially.  We condone it and pay for it.  We make it convenient and absolutely above scrutiny.  Abortion is a God in America and the world.  The fact that the CDC tracks it means we consider unwanted pregnancies a disease, to be cured if we can.  I have a problem with that.  Deviant sexual preferences are not all considered a disease, officially.  However, any pregnancy that someone wants to terminate on what might even just be a whim, is just that -- a disease.  Can you see how wrong that is?

    OK, back on track on what makes poor Meredith Place such a hypocrite.  How many of these soldiers that she is glibly invoking the memory of, died just for convenience?  I am sure she will say all of them.  I do not grant her that, but for the sake of an argument, I will allow her to posit that, for now.  You see, she will need all the help she can get, and still she will be found wanting.  Her own wisdom is not enough to carry her.  OK I understand that from the time she arrived Friday night (when a very large portion of the Convention Goers arrived) until that Sunday morning was a gruelling exercise in political combat.  She endured deprivations that no person should have to.  And soldiers continued to die!
    How many?  That is the primary question, since she will put these abortions on the same footing of righteousness as the soldiers who needlessly died.  I make this point quite clearly:  If abortions could even be considered the same, HOW MANY???  Answer me plainly!
    Let's just use the rough number of all the soldiers that died in Afghanistan and Iraq combined, since she has not identified what she really means.  Let's be bold and allow her to invoke the numbers of the dead for the entire durations of the wars.  And let us be considerate and only consider the time frame she had to put up with the Hardships she had to Endure to be at the foot of the Great Shining Hope presented at the DNC.
    Um.  Meredith.  Your numbers come up short.  You need to kill more soldiers to give any righteousness to your arguments.  Only a few.  But more soldiers have to conveniently die in order for your argument to be able to stretch out, even giving you all the latitude that I could, but probably should not.  You missed the mark.  In religious terms (and since you were at the DNC interfaith Sunday morning prayer service, I think I am given license here) you sinned!  Christ says repent and call on his name in faith, and your Hope will not be in Vain!  But if your hope is in another, there is something said about those who follow him...
    OK.  I can hear it already.  Let's just talk about everyone who is dying in all those war torn countries and pretend that none of them would die if we were not there.  That is even including the daughters in Pakistan buried alive because they wanted to elope and marry someone they loved rather than follow the marriage arranged for them.  After all, we are to blame for corrupting their morals, are we not?  And the mothers and aunts shot trying to defend those girls right to choose.  Obviously, it is some part of our culture that is too blame!  Am I too subtle?  That is not my intent!  I am letting the Peace at ALL costs/Pro-choice  crowd make ridiculous arguments just to show that they still come up short.  Their righteous and holier than you and I attitude is the filthiest of rags!

    The stink of death is all around them!

    I could not find all the best sources of numbers, but I took one (the largest one) that is admittedly 10 times higher than the "official" numbers.  The argument for those larger numbers has some merit, so I cut them a bit of slack.  These are the numbers mostly from the Peace at ALL costs sects and their ilk.

    Iraq since 2003 has 4,168 for all military casualties in Iraq, even including those not from combat. (as of today)
    Iraq since 2003 has 1,267,401 for all deaths from the US invasion.  (remember, the implication is this is all caused by the US, and no other participants -- and this assumes none of the military deaths above are included)
    Afghanistan since 2001 including all military coalition deaths stands at 975.
    The Biggest number in the estimate of the civilians killed in Afghanistan is 27,607.  If we extrapolate the ratios to match Iraq (using only US on the small side, which means if we use all instead, the number gets inflated) we might argue that we really think it is more like 296,477.  That should shake them up a bit!  That is a lot of deaths! (I am making a small jest about their attitude, if you didn't catch that...)  Coincidentally, it is also about a ten fold inflation of the numbers.
    For Pakistan, the numbers I am finding attributed to the little war going on over there is a paltry 5,039.  I didn't include the numbers from their own internal strife and even political assassinations, etc.  I guess multiplying it by the accepted inflation factor of 10 is a little too mild.  I like 50.  Let's multiply by 50.  That is a more impressive number of deaths we can blame all on George. 251,950 is the round number.  I don't like round numbers, so I'll give them the three girls, the mother and the aunt.  251,955!  That's it. 

    OK add them all up: 4,168 + 1,267,401 + 975 + 296,477 + 251,955 = 1,820,976. Boys and girls, we've been able to cook up some impressive numbers indeed! Let's see.  How does this impressive number measures up?

    Lets just go from March of 2003, and compare what has happened over that 5 and a half years.  We'll ignore the fact that some of the 1,820,976 we are claiming is from prior to that time and Graciously include everything.  In that time frame, the Official CDC Death Count from legal abortions (and obviously, that is not all there were from our oh-so-law-abiding-citizenry) would be 5.5 times 857 thousand or roughly 4,713,500.  What just happened?  Better than 2 and half times as many deaths came from Americans killing unborn Americans than all the deaths we could be accounted for in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts combined, giving all sorts of inflations on those numbers and using nothing but the official numbers on the unborn's side. 

    Meredith Place obviously thinks these are just things, lower than bugs.  Otherwise, her hypocrisy would be obvious to her.  I wish she could convince PeTa that a mosquito does not have as much right to life as I do, and would let me kill those pesky disease bearers before they kill me or my children! (or maybe, just maybe -- theirs) 

    Oh, I almost forgot.  2 and a half times is only our self centered way of looking at this.  Let's just recalculate using the world abortion estimates instead, including those women in China and India that kill their child just because it is a girl baby.  China and India combine for over half of the world population, by the way.  46 Million times 5 and a half.  Roughly a Quarter Billion.  No big deal!

    Lets just kill 27,499,638  and 31,889,923 and 164,741,924 people with our vicious dogs of war.  After all, they are good at that indiscriminate "Kill them all and let God sort it out" kind of thing.  Not many would escape. 

    Oh, that is just the combined populations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and yes it is still just a little bit shy.  But what the heck, I say.  At least we are trying to keep up with the busy little doctors!  ( I wonder what their kill ratio is?) 

    The final player I want to look at is:

    ...Bishop Charles E. Blake, presiding prelate of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., called on Obama to “follow through on his promise … to reduce the number of abortions.” 

    Blake, a Democrat, stopped short of blaming his party for abortions, but said the party must know the “moral and spiritual pain so many of us feel because of this disregard for the lives of the unborn,” he said to an almost packed theater.

    Rev. Rob Schenck, president of the pro-life National Clergy Council, praised Blake’s remarks.

    “He identified himself as a pro-life Democrat and blatantly challenged his party’s historic position on abortion,” said Schenck.

    Consider this:  He could choose to abandon the Democratic Party.  For their sake (certainly not his -- they are going to make him pay for this, for there are those in the Democratic party who vindictively defend this turf) he chose to stay and confront their wrong doing.  How long will he do this?  Until his own faith says it is time to shake off the dust and leave them to their own devices and their impending fate.  He is bearing a heavy cross, and Obama himself makes it heavier! 
    In Truth,

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