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    Mel's Odd Stuff
          Just a bunch of odds and ends. Life is strange sometimes, so this will probably be strange, too...

    Tue, Oct 14th - 1:47AM

    Links I will come back to:

    Feel free to make the connections I will here.  I just need to stop and am putting up some links so I won't lose them.







    Oh.  One of the favorite talking points for Obama is that McCain supported Bush initiatives 90% of the time.  One of them was when Bush wanted to tighten the controls on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Pretty radical for a Free Market kind of guy to get on board with controls, don't you think?

    McCain only voted the party line 80% of the time.  Obama is 97%.  (who is the 'bought man'?)  McCain ZERO earmarks.  Obama, well you go find the number.  I'd mention it, but it is obscene!  Especially when you consider how little he actually has done as a Senator.  He spent more time campaigning than in congress, and that is considering his entire career as a Senator...

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    Tue, Oct 14th - 12:41AM

    A few clues as to what has gone on...

    Ok, I don't think much of President Bush as an effective leader.  Unfortunately, I don't think it is a lack of integrity, or understanding.  He is just not a very charismatic leader.  Unlike President Clinton, who I think even less of, George just does not have that little thing that inspires spontaneous enthusiasm.  I must grudgingly admit Mr. Bill was at least a charismatic leader who could get the country moving, even if it was in the wrong direction many times, and I'll relay one of those very bad moves later.

    Earlier, I alluded to the fact that the Democrats wanted massive economic failures.  What they don't want is for Americans to understand their culpability in the matter.  I am going to lay it out now.  When they show just who they are later, come back here and connect the dots.  I will tell you this:  Most deny they were involved even if they were up to their neck in it, and they certainly were.

    Now this is from a political page with a very strong leaning, but I think you can pull one truth out of this:  The Democrats wanted no solution, especially one that might gain bipartisan support, pass and actually help the American Economy.  Here is the vote on the first attempt to leave our economy in the toilet, lead by none other than Madame Pelosi.  She wanted to spend some jet fuel and leave us hurting for gas.  That is straight from the congressional clerks office, about as unadulterated as you can get these days.  No Republicans or Independents were in favor of this move.  Why?  Because failing to do anything hurt the economy and a bad economy would be bad for them.  Had there been a Democrat in the white house, this very likely would have been the opposite vote except for the Independents and the few honest Democrats.  The fact is this:  Most of the Democrats are pushing our heads into a dirty toilet and flushing it to give us a swirly.  When we come up for air, they point at someone else and we believe them, even though they are the ones controlling congress and standing right behind us!  We are fools!

    In that post, there was also another thing mentioned.  It's no big deal, if you understand politicians promise what they know they won't do.  I allude to the fact that the Democrats have had overwhelming control since January of 2007 and have failed to do anything constructive about our dependence on oil from overseas.  They did nothing.  If they had wanted to do anything, it would have been contrary to the ultra conservationists and in line with what is being discussed only now.  Yet mark me clearly, this will not be acted upon while Obama is in the white house and the Democrats control Congress.

    I am no Prophet for saying this.  But I have no doubts, either.  So maybe I am.  Figure it out!

    Instead, the Chinese, who care little for their own environment and even less about ours, will drill off our shores and reap the benefits and make us pay very dearly ecologically.  Look at their record if you are worried about the environment.  They won't just pollute a little bit, they will utterly destroy our shores!  And the pig-headed people who bring this about will be the ones who cry about it the most, maybe even wanting to declare some sort of 'Greenpeace War' with actual bombs and torpedoes and death and destruction!  I am speaking of the Democrats in Congress.  Yes.  They can declare war.  I hope they don't.  That would not be a war I'd be willing to fight!

    And speaking of wars, why did the Republicans give up?  Pelosi was able to get her boarding pass and go home.  Why?

    Well, they could not get their measure up for a vote.  The Democrats Control Congress.  Nothing gets considered that Madame Pelosi does not want to see considered.  Yes.  She has that much power!  The Republicans can block passage, especially if the white house will back them with a veto, but that is about it.  They knew they could only keep delaying, and we would not notice their sacrifice. We stole their hope.  So they let the Democrats steal ours!

    This is a very one sided, but I think is still an honest assesment.  Yeah, all they could do was talk, and they knew it.  We gave their teeth to the Democrats, and the Democrats want to undermine America for their personal benefit.  We deserved that, plain and simple!  And we got that little shaft from the Democrats.  Why do you think they want to kiss us?

    --- TO BE CONTINUED ---

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    Tue, Oct 7th - 9:42AM

    What is going on in Washington?

    Pointing fingers and laying blame seems to be the watchword.  Not really any different than what has been typical in Washington for a very long time.  One of the reasons the Democrats took absolute control over Both Houses of Congress was the corruption and lack of getting things done.  They of course, think the mandate was for their philosophy for what programs should be enacted and what rights should be curtailed.  I'll stay away from what I think about their unseen agenda for now and concentrate on the here and now.  So back on subject:

    Certainly someone is to blame, and don't you want to find out who?  Well, truth be told all are guilty, even the ones throwing the stones.

    The common thought, when the economy is going south, is that the current administration is to blame.  Sometimes it is not as obvious as it is now, but the voters always blame the Political Party in the white house for bad economic times and vote accordingly in both Presidential and Congressional elections.  ALWAYS!!!   To be fair, I am not impressed with the lack of inspiration and hope coming from President Bush, but part of that has to do with you and I and the Media, which paints him into to the corner his is in now with very little political power for the past few years.  He has become a figurehead and a straw man to set up to knock down, and we all, everyone of us, share the blame for that.

    However, the true blame lies right where Madame Nancy Pelosi resides.  ALL spending and appropriations bills start in the House of representatives.  If a bill does not start there, it does not start at all.  If you want to say that the white house can make suggestions, that is fair enough, but the president can not add one pen stroke to or take one pen stroke away, from any bill, or at least that is the common perception.  I think one of the two candidates for the white house may actually do something to change that, but I don't think I'll get around to that just yet.

    What I will say is this: We need hope and they (the people in party that controls congress) are doing their best not to provide it.  I think this is deliberate.  Why?  Simple.  They know about the political fortune of the party in the white house as well as I do.  They probably know it better and even have Political Mantras designed with that in mind.  I doubt they made a move without knowing exactly how it would effect this.  Why do you think they voted for a recess a while back when Gas Prices were the big topic to be solved?  That vote was just about a straight up and down vote along political parties.  The Democrats were afraid that something might get done to help the Economy, and that was contrary to their personal interests!  They want the economy in the tank, pure and simple!  So they voted to go home and gloat about how smart they are!  They want absolute control, and if they get it and still screw the economy up, they will shift the blame if we let them.  We need to hold Congress accountable, for their own and our collective good!

    --- TO BE CONTINUED ---

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